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Female Wolf
Whitney joined the Big Pack in the Sky in April of 2008.
She passed at ~15 years old due to cancer.

Whitney was an Arctic/Tundra wolf born in 1993, but the exact date is unknown. She arrived at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in December of 1999, along with four other wolves, Mandi, Cody, Oprah, and Doc. They had been raised by an unlicensed exotic animal dealer who had been thrown out of many states for cruelty and neglect of his animals.

The animal dealer ended up in Las Vegas, Nevada in the summer of 1999 along with the five wolves, who were kept in a two-stall horse trailer. They were used as part of a travelling “show”, exhibiting wolves to the people of Las Vegas. As time went on, they were eventually moved to two 8 x 20 ft pens at an exotic animal facility and cared for by a part-time Caretaker. A broken water pipe kept their small pens ankle-deep in mud, and the animals often paced and fought.

Their story soon came to the attention of a local investigative TV-reporter. Outraged, the reporter contacted members of the Las Vegas Animal Rescue and Humane Care Community. The wolves were seized by authorities, and the search for an organization to offer them sanctuary began.

Wild Spirit was contacted in October of 1999 to gauge if we had the resources to care for the animals. Upon agreeing to rescue the five wolves, we sent a capture team down in December. Through the concerned and committed people in Las Vegas and our members, we were able to raise enough money to build the Homestead Pack — as they came to be called — a large enclosure in the trees at Wild Spirit.



Whitney was a friendly girl who was quite affection towards her human and animal companions. When a Caretaker entered her enclosure, she would bound right up and beg for attention. Whitney could be shy around new people, and would act cautious around them; however, as long as you did not give her a reason to mistrust you, she would open up eventually.


Whitney lived with her life-long companion, Doc. The two were very lovey-dovey with one another, always playing, wresting, or cuddling. Whitney would also be considered a “flirt”, and would do so at any chance with her neighbors, which naturally, Doc was not too fond of.

Likes & Dislikes

Whitney liked whole body scratches and being talked to sweetly, as well as howling her lungs out on top of her favorite hill.

Whitney disliked Doc being away from her, and having no neighbors to flirt with.

Fun Facts

Whitney was an exceptionally affectionate rescue! So much so that she treated her Caretakers like her own personal playmates, and would either give then a tongue-bath, or instigate a never-ending play session.

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