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Female Low-Content Wolfdog
Wapahnee joined the Big Pack in the Sky in June of 2010.
She passed at 14 years old due to unknown causes.

Wapahnee was estimated to be born in 1996 and arrived at Wild Spirit in the winter of 2000. She was found roaming the streets of Seal Beach, California, during the summer of 1999. Luckily, the good people of Seal Beach Animal Care Center captured Wapahnee before she could get hurt. She was suspected to be a low-content wolfdog at the time, but it is likely that she was just a pure dog.

Wapahnee was safe at the shelter due to their no-kill policy, but with no one claiming her as their own and the need to utilize the space she was using, they sought to find her a new home. However, her label as a low-content wolfdog complicated finding her placement. Genetic verification was also far more difficult and unreliable in those days.

Her owner never did come to collect her, and a home with the proper resources and experience to care for her would be exceedingly difficult to find. Thus, Seal Beach Animal Care Center contacted us at Wild Spirit in hopes of finding her a permanent home. We had an existing relationship with them due to a rescue three years prior, during which Amadeus and Shauntehey came to us.

When Wapahnee was rescued, she was matched with them to form the Seal Beach Pack!

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Wapahnee was a mellow, playful, happy critter who enjoyed play and attention. In her youth, she loved rough-housing, yanking at the clothing of Caretakers, and nipping cheerfully at arms and legs. While she still enjoyed these activities as she grew older, she was definitely beginning to show her age. Wapahnee also enjoyed sun-bathing, and in general, was content with a peaceful life at the sanctuary.


Wapahnee lived with the other two members of the Seal Beach Pack, Amadeus and Shauntehey. All three were low-to-no content wolfdogs, making them a happy little trio.

Likes & Dislikes

Wapahnee liked going for walks, chicken leg quarters as a treat, and sun-bathing.

Wapahnee disliked Shauney (Shauntehey) picking on her too much, Amadeus hogging all the attention, and too much kibble in her meal.

Fun Facts

Wapahnee’s origins never were discovered, which is all too common with rescues that come to Wild Spirit. Though we do not know her exact birthday, we have a default birthday we give to our mystery critters: May 1st!

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