Sox is a high-content wolfdog. She is 6 years old and her birthday is April 17th, 2017.
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Quick Bio

Sox came to us from Ohio. She’s a bit shy but is coming out of her shell more and more every day. With her new companion she has started to engage with her Keeper friends and learning that we aren’t so scary!


At this point, Sox is incredibly shy around people but has shown interest and playfulness toward other animals. Upon arrival at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, staff watched as she greeted each of her “neighbors” after being moved into her new enclosure, which should come as no surprise considering she has lived with many other wolfdogs at her former home in Ohio.


Before being taken in by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, Sox lived with her breeder who owned a number of her relatives and other wolfdogs. Sox spent a portion of time living with many of the animals at her original home but none of them were the right fit for her.

Upon arriving at the sanctuary, Sox was paired up with high-content wolfdog Dakota briefly, but the pair did not make a perfect match. She remained single for some time until recently we introduced rescue, Obi. Sox is certainly smitten with her new companion and is often seen trying to get Obi to play and following him around their enclosure. While Sox is shy and nervous, Obi is incredibly social and confident, and we have already seen a difference in her disposition since he moved in!

Fun Facts

Sox was so named because of the white “stocking-like” markings on all four of her legs! In addition, the white tip on her tail (known as a “fox tail”) is also unique, as high-content wolfdogs almost always have black-tipped tails.

Sponsorship Details

Sox has only 4 sponsors!

Likes & Dislikes

Sox absolutely loves whole-prey enrichment items, especially large ungulate skulls, which she has been known to obliterate within hours! While many of the rescues have a love of bones and a knack for destruction, no one is quite as adept as Sox!

As one of our most shy and nervous rescues, Sox is not a big fan of people, especially in groups. However, she gains confidence every day and we hope that one day soon she won’t find humans quite so scary.

Sox‘s History

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary’s Executive Director, Brittany McDonald, was originally contacted about Sox not for placement but for advice on some unusual and concerning behaviors she had begun demonstrating, which her breeder believed might have been neurologic.

Due to the nature of what Sox was exhibiting, Brittany offered a number of suggestions, including placement with Wild Spirit where she felt confidently that Sox could be fully “rehabilitated.” Sox’s breeder agreed to the placement and days later she was in her new home.


  1. Joan Laurie

    I checked on Sox and it said no sponsors. I sent in my $150.00 and waiting for magnet and picture. Why doesn’t it show that she has a sponsor. Money deducted from my account and have a receipt.

    Please let me know what you find out.

    Kind of disappointed.

    • Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

      Hi Joan,

      There isn’t currently a way to automatically update sponsorships for each of our rescues, but we’re hoping at some point we can integrate the e-commerce solution for real-time updates. Currently, we update once a month, after we run our monthly reports. There is a notice on the Sponsorship page of the online Gift Shop: PLEASE NOTE: Sponsorships DO NOT update instantly on our web site! We update the number of sponsors each rescue has once a month. You can read more about how sponsorships work on this page. Sponsor counts last updated Thursday, December 10th, 2020.

      The sponsor counts will be updated tomorrow, and your kindness will be reflected in that number!

  2. Adam Piñon

    I want to thank Brittany and Emily for making the long trip to my home. It’s hard to let go but when I say it’s about the animals. That is very true and with the transition it helped many of her family resolve their differences. It helped make our home a little less stress free. Investing time into one animal and not all, can have residual effects on all canines.

    I look forward to seeing her in the future. Sox is my kid and I will make all efforts to visit as I can. Thank you again.


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