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Female High-Content Wolfdog
She is 7 years old and her birthday is April 17th, 2017.

She is NOT on the Tour Path.

In October of 2020, Wild Spirit was contacted about a young high-content wolfdog named Sox, though not for potential place, but for advice on some unusual and concerning behaviors that her breeder believed might have been neurologic.

Due to the severity of Sox’s behaviors, we offered a number of suggestions, including placement with Wild Spirit, as we felt confidently Sox could be fully “rehabilitated” under our care. Sox’s breeder agreed to the placement and days later she was transported from Ohio to her new home at the sanctuary.

Upon her arrival, Sox was placed into one of our largest enclosures, a space equipped with plenty of rocks, trees, and underbrush where she could find an increased amount of security while she adjusted to her new surroundings. She was also prescribed with anti-anxiety medication to further assist with her transition.

During her first few weeks in her new home, Sox exhibited the same concerning behaviors her owner had described seeing, but after a while they began to wane, and we soon started seeing her interacting with other animals through the fence, and even growing more comfortable around our Animal Caretakers! Unfortunately, Sox quickly became known as one of our most difficult animals to pair, spending brief periods of time with her male companions successfully before kicking them out of their enclosure, forcing her to spend long periods of time alone while we waited for a better match.

Thankfully, in December of 2022, Sox’s breeder—who had kept in contact and knew all about her relationship troubles—reached out to ask if we might be willing to take her younger brother Gambit, who he believed would be the ideal companion as the two spent time together in their younger years. We agreed to give it a go and are so grateful to say the siblings hit it off right away and are still successfully sharing an enclosure to this day!

Though Sox has remained a hands-off animal by choice, we are beyond pleased to say her anxious behaviors ceased long ago, and over time we have started to see a special interest in select Caretakers. While the decision to trust humans is entirely hers to make, we’re hopeful that in time our sweet and spicy girl will give us an opportunity to give her the love she deserves.


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