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Female Mid-Content Wolfdog
Shunka joined the Big Pack in the Sky in April of 2008.
She was assisted at 16 years old due to bone cancer.

Shunka was born in 1992 with her brother, Wambli, at a puppy mill in New Mexico. The breeder specialized in mid-content wolfdogs, and kept their adult animals in tiny cages. The pups that were born were treated no better, without any socialization or access to their parents after 15 days. Unfortunately, although the animals were treated cruelly, the breeder was just inside the laws of animal cruelty and neglect, and could not be shut down.

The breeder called us, hoping that we could take Shunka and her brother, because their shy behavior was making it difficult to sell them. Aware of the alternatives, we accepted, and the two siblings came to Wild Spirit when they were 15 weeks old. They were too young to be left unattended in an enclosure, so they lived with a staff member in a home.

At first, they were very skittish of people and hid under their Caretaker’s bed for a few months whenever they were present. With Wild Spirit becoming their forever home, socialization was necessary to reduce stress. It took immeasurable time and patience, but they began to come out and become accustomed to people.

As soon as Shunka and Wambli were old enough to live unsupervised, they migrated outdoors to an enclosure!

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Shunka remained shy around new people, and it took patience and a close connection for her to warm up to someone. She could be kind and inquisitive, but was also easily startled, so it was important to be gentle around her. If she really grew close to someone, she would try to scentroll on the unsuspecting victim!


Shunka first lived with her brother, Wambli. When he passed, she moved in with lived with a high-content wolfdog named Napi, and the two got along beautifully.

When Shunka outlived Napi, as well, she was next paired with Fenris (in photo).

Likes & Dislikes

Shunka liked relaxing in one of the many dens around the enclosure, or on top of her cave house, as well as turkey enrichments!

Shunka disliked sudden noises. Really anything should did not anticipate would startle the poor girl.

Fun Facts

Shunka had a habit of putting all her special belongings atop her cave house. This was her private stash (possibly because she believed us humans could not possibly get up there).

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