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Male Low-Content Wolfdog
Rayne joined the Big Pack in the Sky on May 7th, 2018.
He was assisted at 11 years old due to cancer.

Rayne was born in December of 2007, and arrived at Wild Spirit in December of 2014. He was raised in Montana by a former volunteer of the sanctuary named Josh, who absolutely adored him.

For nearly six years Rayne lived in a city environment without issue. In fact, he used to frequent doggy daycares, boarding facilities and dog parks, socializing well and even getting bullied by the toy dogs. However, one incident changed everything . . . On a walk, Rayne suddenly grabbed and shook a small dog completely unprovoked. Thankfully the small dog was alive and well, but the consequences of such an incident occurring again weighed on Josh’s mind.

Not only was there the concern of Rayne’s interactions with small dogs, but he was quite the escape artist, as well. Following multiple escapes, Josh tried everything he could, but city laws didn’t allow the construction of a fence necessary to contain him. The only option left was to tether Rayne to a post when he wanted to go outside.

After much debate, Josh made the difficult choice to surrender Rayne to Wild Spirit, where he could be outside untethered, and his life was not at risk. We had an available enclosure and a female in need of a companion, so Rayne was welcomed with open arms.



Rayne was a low-content wolfdog that loved to play with humans and canines alike. He was curious of new people, often testing boundaries before he felt comfortable enough to seek affection. Once he considered someone a friend, he would spend most of his time playing “chase” or following Caretakers around inquisitively.


Rayne spent his life with a fellow low-content wolfdog named Shasta II! She was just a playful, but more on the shy side than him.

Likes & Dislikes

Rayne liked going for walks, playing with Shasta II and toys of any kind!

Rayne disliked Caretakers trying to remove any toys from the enclosure. Once they were in, they had to stay!

Fun Facts

Rayne’s favourite thing in the world was a stuffed shark. It was a toy donated from his previous home, which he cherished and took special care of.

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