Male Wolf
Raven joined the Big Pack in the Sky on April 12th, 2009.
He passed at 14 years old due to unknown causes.

Raven was born on April 4th, 1995, and arrived at Wild Spirit on July 1st, 1997. He was first raised in North California by a young man, who unfortunately, could not take proper care of him. The young man’s parents became Raven’s new owners, and they loved him very dearly. The parents, however, realized it was illegal to own a wolf or wolfdog in their county, and searched around desperately for a place to take him.

Finally, they decided that the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary would be the best place for their loved wolf, and made arrangements with us to take him. A month before coming here, one of Raven’s owners suffered a heart attack, they lost their business, and they were cited by Animal Control for owning a wolf.

Despondent, the parents decided they could not afford to bring Raven to Wild Spirit and set up an appointment with the vet to euthanize him. This was before the days that Wild Spirit had our own transport vehicle, let alone the money to afford travelling such a distance to rescue an animal. Without the means to rescue Raven, and just three days before his appointment for euthanasia, we sent out a plea  to raise money to transfer Raven.

Two days before Raven’s vet date, a visitor to the sanctuary who had heard about Raven’s plight, and donated the money to ship him. Without their generosity, an incredible soul would have been lost. Raven was spared just in time, and made it to Wild Spirit safely.

Following his arrival, Raven became Wild Spirit’s most iconic face. He travelled the country, inspiring and educating minds both old and young. His radiant smile and upbeat attitude were enough to befriend anyone, even those who once hated his kind. The memories posted online about this remarkable animal are too numerous to count, and his loss was felt by all.



Raven was a handsome fellow who was intensely social! He adored people, going out into the public to greet and educate as many as he could. However, in his old age he preferred the comfort of home, spending time relaxing and enjoying the company of his Caretakers.


Raven spent most of his life with his companion, Doska. When she passed, a young wolfdog named Cheyenne moved in to keep him company. He behaved much like a father to her, offering both play and discipline when she became too rambunctious.

Likes & Dislikes

Raven liked his small purple box, which started as an enrichment, but he insisted on keeping. It was remarkable he could even fit inside it! He also enjoyed watching the daily activities of the sanctuary, howling with tour guests, toys and attention from his Caretakers.

The only thing Raven disliked was having his feet touched. His toes were off-limits!

Fun Facts

Raven was often attributed to the rise of Wild Spirit’s popularity! This charismatic fellow took the world by storm, becoming the face of the sanctuary and inspiring a generation.

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  1. Linda Young

    Raven was the first wolf I ever came into direct physical contact with. It was at a small “meet and greet” event one weekend. I was the first person to arrive and I remember sitting with a couple of the people who did volunteer work for Wild Spirit. Suddenly Leyton and Raven walked in and Raven simply walked straight up to me and gave me a kiss. That was, without question, the most spiritual and forever treasured moment of my life.


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