Female Wolf
Maki joined the Big Pack in the Sky on March 17th, 2017.
She passed at 15 years old due to old age.

Maki was born in May of 2001, and arrived at Wild Spirit in May of 2006. She was rescued with her Aunt, Kamia, from Youngstown, Ohio. They were staying at the Richard E. Flauto Wildlife Foundation, which was quickly inherited by Tiffany Poulton when her fiancé, Rich, suddenly passed away from a heart attack at age thirty.

Tiffany tried to keep her fiancé’s dream alive by running the foundation, but she could not receive any funding to keep the place up and running. Unfortunately, she was forced to dissolve the foundation, and Tiffany began to call around to find places for the animals living there.

Due to our limited space, we accepted only two of their wolves: Maki and Kamia. Both were extremely social at their old home, but became more reserved once arriving in a new environment. Maki was warming up quickly when paired with Kamia and a male high-content wolfdog, Mr. Cheyenne.

When Mr. Cheyenne passed, changing dynamics with Kamai forced them to be split. Following this, Maki showed less of an interest in socializing with Caretakers.



Maki was a shy gal who always had a lot of potential. There was a time when she showed a playful and affectionate side, but as companions changed over the years it became less and less frequent. However, she always had her chosen person, who she showered with love. She was always willing to make an exception for food; her favorite time of day was when she was hand-fed through the fence, which prompted the happiest of happy dances.


When Maki and Kamia arrived they were placed with a high-content wolfdog named Mr. Cheyenne. When he passed, Maki and Kamia went their separate ways, and Maki was paired with a high-content male named Nikki.

Likes & Dislikes

Maki loved enrichment items, belly rubs from Caretakers she trusted, and howling with gossip.

Maki disliked when Nikki when was being difficult or annoying, Caretakers she felt were scary near her enclosure, and when Nikki tried to steal her food.

Fun Facts

Maki was a one tough gal who never backed down from a challenge! Her companions quickly learned what she would tolerate, and what was the line in the sand. Beware crossing it!

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