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Luna 2000
Female High-Content Wolfdog
Luna 2000 joined the Big Pack in the Sky in 2013.
She passed at 15 years old due to unknown causes.

Luna was born in April of 1998, and arrived at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary on January 1, 2000. We originally heard about Luna’s plight in October of 1998; at six months old, Luna had escaped from her owner’s backyard in Minneapolis. Members of the community banded together to attempt to guide her back home, but unfortunately when Luna was corner by a neighbor, she bit out of fear.

The incident caused Luna to be seized by Animal Control, and the order for her euthanasia came through. Her owner managed to get a temporary restraining order to stop the euthanasia, but Luna remained impounded at Animal Control in solitude. Since she was a fear biter, Animal Control personnel hardly went in to clean due to the risk involved. Luna lost her fur, her muscles atrophied, and she lost weight.

When the story reached Wild Spirit, we contacted Minneapolis Animal Control in an attempt to rescue Luna. Her owner, however, did not want Luna sent away, and searched for a way to have her released back into her care. We continued our efforts to save her, as Luna’s condition only worsened in that environment. However, after many months of effort, her owner did eventually succeed in returning Luna to her home.

We believed that would be the end of Luna’s troubles, until we received a call in December of 1999. Luna’s owner reached out to Wild Spirit, informing us that Luna was living in a crate in the garage in fear of what might happen if she escaped again. She asked us to provide Luna with a home, and as we had always committed ourselves to Luna, we agreed to take her.

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Due to her unstable life in her early months of socialization, Luna was very uncertain when receiving attention or affection. She was a very shy animal who would stay away from most people, but there were Caretakers that she expressed interest in. However, Luna could be enjoying scratches one moment, and then immediately air snap the next due to her anxiety.


Luna originally lived with a male named Sunbear. When he passed away, she found a new companion in Oscar.

Photo: Luna and Sunbear.

Likes & Dislikes

Luna liked food, fence-fighting with neighbors, and her now-deceased companion Sunbear.

Luna disliked being confined, the ice being broken in her water bucket, and being approached head-on.

Fun Facts

For such a nervous girl, Luna was extremely inquisitive about anything brought inside the enclosure. Wolves and higher-content wolfdogs are notoriously neophobic, but Luna always wanted to explore new potential resources that entered her home!

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