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Male High-Content Wolfdog
Lucian joined the Big Pack in the Sky on June 29th, 2017.
He was assisted at 12 years old due to quality of life concerns.

Lucian was born on April 15th, 2005 and arrived at Wild Spirit in April of 2008. He was purchased by his owners, Greg and Aymee, when he was a few months old from a breeder who claimed Lucian was a Native American Indian Dog.

Before Greg purchased Lucian, the breeder socialized Lucian by taking him to his kindergarten class to play with the kids. Lucian joined Greg’s home, already shared with two female German Shepherds.

When Greg began dating a nice woman named Aymee, the two quickly realized that Lucian was not really an Indian Dog, and with some research, determined he was a wolfdog.

Though it was a hard the decision, the couple decided that it would be best for Lucian to live at a sanctuary before problems began developing. Following some research, they chose Wild Spirit, and at the age of three, Lucian came to our sanctuary.



There is only one word that could properly describe Lucian: exuberant. He had an exuberant personality, exuberant mannerisms, and an exuberant appetite! Lucian was a ball of energy that liked to race his companion around his enclosure. He was very affectionate towards Caretakers, but had a naughty side; he liked to play with clothing and jump on his Caretakers when they were least expecting it.


Lucian spent most of his life with his companion, Cove, until her passing in 2014. Lucian had a few attempted pairings after losing her, one being a notable attempt with Nymeria, but Lucian never found a new companion he wanted to spend his days with. Even years after Cove’s passing, he could be heard mourning howling the night away.

Likes & Dislikes

Lucian liked Cove, scent rolling on whatever he could find, and howling at tours.

Lucian disliked being held onto, any companion getting more attention, and meaty bones being removed from his enclosure.

Fun Facts

Wolves have different pitches and tones of voice, just like people! This means that no two howls are the same, and you can pick a rescue out of a group howl if you know their voice well enough. It is especially easy if an individual has a unique voice, which was the case with Lucian; he had such a distinctively deep howl that he became known as Wild Spirit’s “Bass Singer”.

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