Female Domestic Dog
Lani joined the Big Pack in the Sky on October 16th, 2012.
She passed at 11 years old due to unknown causes.

Lani was born in January of 2001, and arrived at Wild Spirit in February, 2007. While we were busy making arrangements to travel to Oregon for a separate rescue, a woman named Missy was persistently calling us in hopes that we would rescue two wolfdogs, Lani and Nakota.

Nakota was in her care many years ago, but had since went through several different homes, and ended up in a county in Oregon where it was illegal to own a wolfdog. After many problems brought him to the attention of authorities, his current owner was given a week to either find him new placement or have him euthanized.

Learning of Nakota‘s situation, Missy did everything she could to make arrangements for him, and Lani and Nakota were so closely bonded, that she did not want to separate the pair. With time running out for him and our current obligations with another rescue, it was no easy feat to find a solution. However, Missy’s persistence, passion, and cooperativeness in making arrangements allowed us to move forward with both rescues simultaneously!

Lani and Nakota’s rescue is the perfect example of how Wild Spirit could not accomplish nearly as much without the remarkable people who support us, as well as our mission!



Lani was extremely playful and friendly, although she could be skittish around new people or in new environments. Lani could be a bit assertive, especially towards Nakota, and never hesitated to put him in his place if he was getting too pushy. Lani made a point out of picking fights with all of her neighbors, as well as with animals that walked past her enclosure on a walk.


Lani lived with her life-long companion, Nakota.

Likes & Dislikes

Lani liked toys, sitting in Caretakers’ laps, and playing chase. 

Lani disliked having too many strangers around her enclosure, Nakota when he tries to be in charge, and her neighbor Dusty

Fun Facts

Lani was actually short for this sweet girl’s real name, Kaelani. We made a slight alteration to make it easier to remember and pronounce.

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