Katniss is a mid-content wolfdog. She is roughly 9 years old and her birthday is around February, 2014.
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Quick Bio

Katniss arrived with companion, Sarkhan, in May, 2021 from their home in Alabama. Both Katniss and Sarkhan appeared unusually comfortable on their first day in their new home, playing with their neighbors along the fence, and greeting humans that walked by. Most rescues are much more shy and nervous in their first days with us.



Katniss is a sweet but shy girl who takes awhile to warm up to new people. As is often the case, she prefers female Animal Caretakers, but has proven herself to be quite brave even around the men on our team!


Katniss lives with high-content wolfdog, Sarkhan, who she came to Wild Spirit with in May of 2021.

Fun Facts

Katniss is the daughter to another of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary’s rescues, Mika, a mid-content wolfdog who was rescued from Indiana in November of 2020!

Sponsorship Details

Katniss has only 5 sponsors!

Likes & Dislikes

We are still getting to know Katniss and figuring out what she likes and dislikes.


Katniss‘s History

Katniss came to live at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in May of 2021 along with her companion, Sarkhan, who had begun demonstrating a number of concerning behavioral changes toward the couple who owned him. Despite the fact that he was raised with an incredible amount of love and socialization, they explained that upon reaching sexual maturity, Sarkhan had become increasingly aggressive toward them, acting out with such intensity that it became impossible for them to care for him or Katniss safely.

Before deciding to give him up, the couple racked their brains trying to figure out what might be triggering his behaviors and went to great lengths attempting to trouble-shoot and resolve the issues; unfortunately, after months of trial and error, nothing seemed to work, so they made the difficult decision to re-home him to Wild Spirit. In addition, because he and Katniss were so closely bonded, they requested that we take her as well, allowing them to remain together for life. Naturally, we agreed and in May of 2021, we made the trip from New Mexico to Alabama to pick them up and bring them home.

Upon arrival at the couple’s home, we were introduced to Katniss and Sarkhan, who demonstrated very different comfort levels around people. Sarkhan, for example, was very confident in our presence, but immediately began to display the aggressive behaviors we were warned about, approaching the fence line with hackles raised and snarling loudly. Katniss, on the other hand, seemed shy but curious, electing to keep a healthy distance from the new strangers.

Knowing that Sarkhan was so aggressive, we arrived in Alabama with a plan in place — one that involved utilizing our dart gun to safely sedate him prior to entering into his space. Thankfully, because he was so confident around humans, darting him was a breeze, and within moments we were able to enter into this enclosure to place him into a crate and reverse him from the sedatives. Katniss, on the other hand, would not stand still long enough for us to dart her safely, but was quickly caught up without issue, reunited with Sarkhan just moments later.

Once both animals were contained, we began our journey back to the sanctuary, where the pair was placed into a massive enclosure where they immediately went to greet their new neighbors! While both Sarkhan and Katniss are quite new, we feel confident that they will quickly begin to adjust to their new home and the various members of our team. We are so grateful to know that they will have a place to call home for the rest of their lives, and that they can do so together!


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