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Male Wolf
Hawk joined the Big Pack in the Sky in October 2007.
He passed at 15 years old due to unknown causes.

Hawk was born in 1992 and arrived at Wild Spirit on Earth Day of 1996 (April 22nd). He was bottle raised by a breeder in Pennsylvania, where he was well-socialized with people. However, at eighteen-months old, he was sold to a woman in Ohio who badly abused him, along with the rest of the wolves and wolfdogs in her compound.

Thankfully, the escape and capture of one of her animals by the Humane Society allowed the local authorities to investigate her compound. When they discovered the state of the animals and her treatment of them, all of the woman’s animals were seized and impounded. She was then prosecuted for cruelty and neglect of the many critters in her care.

Hawk, one of the many animals seized, spent the next nine months at a shelter, waiting to find a home. The authorities did not want to euthanize any of the animals, seeking rescues to take them all. However, this can be a long and difficult process, and during this time Hawk regressed and grew wary of humans. This made it all the more difficult to find a rescue to take him.

Hearing of Hawk’s predicament, we were happy to offer him a home. The only issue was transporting him to the sanctuary at a time when we lacked a transport vehicle. However, miraculously, Continental Airlines, in their infinity generosity, donated his flight to us! He arrived, a little shaken from a long flight, but finally at his forever home.

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Hawk was a beautiful white wolf who was sadly a bit conflicted. Because of the abuse he suffered, he was shy with strangers, but because of his social puppyhood, he was also very needy of attention. He had a tendency to get grabby with clothes and hold on for dear life. When it came to Caretakers, he would immediately decide whether you were “in” or “out” of his private clique. Hawk could be playful, and would sometimes like to play with a tennis ball or steal articles of clothing from his caretakers.


Hawk first lived with a wolfdog named Tori. When she passed away, he moved in with Cove, who’s youthful energy always kept him on his toes. Hawk usually let Cove check things out first, before gaining the confidence to approach people.

Likes & Dislikes

Hawk liked tennis balls, playing with Cove and stealing from Caretakers.

Hawk disliked cold weather, and when his secret stash of stolen objects was discovered.

Fun Facts

Hawk was, and we say this lovingly, a kleptomaniac. Maybe he was never clinically diagnosed, but the symptoms were very clear! If a Caretaker entered with something new and interesting, he would find a way to steal it. On the bright side, this made enrichments very successful with this curious boy.

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