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Female Wolf
Akela joined the Big Pack in the Sky on July 5th, 2013.
She passed at 13 years old due to old age/organ failure.
Akela was born on April 25th, 2000, and arrived at Wild Spirit in April of 2008, along her brothers, Brutus, and, Navar. We originally were meant to rescue another of the siblings, Callie, but she unfortunately passed during her spay procedure.
The trio had originally belonged to Fejervary Children’s Zoo in Davenport, Iowa, which had been around for a century. The zoo had purchased six pups from Wilderness Kingdom Zoo, and the four remained by the time Wild Spirit agreed to take them.
Fejervary Zoo began to have a difficult time with funding and community support. Additionally, the eight year-old wolves had very high stress levels, and prior to her passing, Callie and her sister, Akela, had been getting into substantially more severe fights. Eager to ensure they were well cared for, Fejervary reached out to us for placement.
After ensuring we had the space and resources to guarantee they would have all their needs met, we drove to Davenport, assisted with the wolves’ capture, and brought them to Wild Spirit. Within only a few weeks, all three began coming up to the fence for tours and accepting food from Caretakers’ hands without issue.


Akela was a bit shyer than her two brothers, but had a driving curiosity that made her want to explore new people or objects inside her enclosure. Still, she could not quite get over her timid nature, and was never brave enough to approach Caretakers inside the enclosure. She was a very feisty girl who liked to argue with neighbors, but knew how to get on her brothers’ good side.


Akela originally lived with her siblings from Iowa, Brutus and Navar.

Likes & Dislikes

Akela liked her brothers, Brutus and Navar, fence-fighting with Forest Pack, and trying to chew on her neighbor, Cove, through the fence.

Akela disliked sudden movements, feeling confined, and when one of her brothers snatched her food.

Fun Facts

Akela had a series of scars running down her face, all of which were caused by her departed sister, Callie. Their intense arguing was one of the reasons it was decided for them to come to Wild Spirit.

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