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Male Red Fox
He is 6 years old and his birthday is April 23rd, 2018.

You can see him on the Tour Path!

Rumi and his sister River came to Wild Spirit in August of 2018 at just a few months old. Before life at the sanctuary, the fox kits were born to captive-bred parents that were part of a breeding operation in the state of Virginia. Consequently, Rumi, River, and their other siblings were originally intended to be sold into the exotic pet trade.

Soon after their birth, however, Virginia passed a law prohibiting the ownership of foxes as pets, meaning Rumi, River, and the rest of the foxes needed to find near-immediate placement! With nowhere to go, she and her siblings were placed into foster care in Ohio while caring folks looked for places for them to live. We were thrilled to give River and her brother a new place to call home, and have loved watching the two of them grow together over the years!

Today, Rumi and his sister are absolutely thriving in our care! While River is much more confident than her brother, and more eager to engage with new people, Rumi prefers to take a slow approach to interacting. When he does finally trust someone, however, he’s quick to let them know! One of his favorite things to do to show his affection is grab one of his stuffed toys and give it to his Caretakers, usually while vocalizing playfully! However, more often than not, Rumi prefers to relax away from prying eyes in his self-made den.


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