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Butternut Squash
Female Domestic Dog
She is roughly 2 years old and her birthday is around November, 2021.

She is NOT on the Tour Path.

On January 11th, Wild Spirit was met with a rather unfortunate surprise. Our staff followed a cacophony of barks from outside our sanctuary doors,  discovering what we first assumed was a stray galivanting around the parking lot. However, upon closer inspection, we discovered a leash tied to the front of our Giftshop–accompanied by a collar the stray clearly slipped–all but confirming that this poor animal was abandoned on our doorstep in the dead of winter. Not a wolf, not a wolfdog, but simply a domestic dog that was no longer wanted. The good girl that she was, she remained exactly where she was dropped off, as if waiting for her owner to return. This lovely German shepherd soon became known as Butternut Squash, affectionately dubbed “Squash.”

Our team went to work to catch up Squash, who was lost, confused and frightened. With enough time and effort, we managed to build enough of a relationship to lead her into the Giftshop and get a good look at her. She had no tags, no tattoos, or anything for us to identify her, or her true owner with. The only thing we could confirm was that she was, in fact, just a domestic dog dumped at a wolf sanctuary. Sadly, we had little options for Squash, but one of our staff members was kind enough to take her in as we went to work to find a shelter with available space, or a new place for her to call home. This proved more challenging due to Squash’s nervous nature. She is incredibly sweet with those she knows and is comfortable with, but takes time to warm up to people and didn’t like her boundaries being pushed. For this reason, we knew a no-kill shelter was essential to avoid any possibility that she would be put down.

Until we find her a forever home, we thought it best to welcome her as part of our pack! Squash currently spends her days on sanctuary grounds in a yard that she gets all to herself, eagerly awaiting a family who will give her all the love and attention she deserves. She likes long walks, finding the perfect stick to carry around and munching on ice cubes!

As mentioned, Butternut Squash is a domestic dog, and thus, adoptable! If you are interested in adding this sweet girl to your family, please fill out this form!


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