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A Temporary Farewell? We Hope So!

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Article by Kendra Kain-Woods

Kendra is our Grant Coordinator and Copy Editor, as well as an Animal Care Specialist. She is an animal behavior enthusiast, greatly enjoying the impactful relationships possible through training as a means of communication and building trust. Through her love of writing, Kendra hopes to further support the wild rescues of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.

May 16, 2020

Jessica Schmidt, Administrative Assistant and Animal Care Specialist, completed her last day working for Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary yesterday before now embarking on a three-month sabbatical.

For the last two years, Jessica has worked hard, dedicating not only her time but her love for the animals, and she has become an extremely knowledgeable and respected member of our team. Joining initially as a volunteer after having worked as a cosmetologist for two years, Jessica’s dedication and commitment were rewarded with a staff position, adding to her responsibilities. Upon her anticipated return later in 2020, Jessica will be adopting the new title of Guest Services Coordinator, furthering her career with Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.

While being a part of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Family is certainly rewarding and fun, it is a challenging life in a situation that is already difficult due to our remote location plus the added stress from the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is easy to understand Jessica’s desire to return and reconnect with family and friends and to decompress. We all hope Jessica decides to return to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary at the conclusion of her break, and despite Jessica’s choice in a couple of months we send all of our support and love along with her. Please join the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Team in wishing Jessica well on her journey!

We’ll sincerely miss her dedication, kindness, and infectious laughter! Safe travels, “Sickah!”

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  1. Joanna Dautrich

    Dear Jessica, your love and dedication is beyond imagination unless someone has actually visited the Sanctuary and understands its life style. Thank you for everything you do for the Sanctuary. May your life be blessed as you have blessed others.

  2. Marie Sikora

    All the very best for your next adventure, Jessica. It was great to meet you back in 2018 and I hope your three month break treats you well.


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