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2020 Art Pack April Contest: Inspired by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Founder, Jacque Evans

1 May 2020 PITP HEader

Article by Kendra Kain-Woods

Kendra is our Grant Coordinator and Copy Editor, as well as an Animal Care Specialist. She is an animal behavior enthusiast, greatly enjoying the impactful relationships possible through training as a means of communication and building trust. Through her love of writing, Kendra hopes to further support the wild rescues of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.

May 1, 2020

Jacque Evans – Spirit Wolf

Greetings, Howling Supporters! It’s officially May 1st and with it the conclusion to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary’s first annual Art Pack April Contest! Thank you so much to everyone who submitted an original art piece in support of our rescues, and thank you, too, to everyone who liked, shared, and commented on the submissions. All engagement helps to spread the spirit of the sanctuary to all corners of the world, and we cannot be more grateful.

Before congratulating our four winners, let us take a moment to celebrate the inspiration for Art Pack April and a little piece of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary’s history. . .

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary was founded in 1991 by the late Jacque Evans. Known to the locals then as The Candy Kitchen Wolf and Wolf-Dog Rescue Ranch, Jacque transformed her own property and home into a rescue for displaced, unwanted, and un-releasable captive-bred wolves and wolf-dogs, and later other related canid species as well. The operation began with the rescue of a single wolf-dog, which inspired Jacque to dedicate significant attention and care to the plight of the commonly misunderstood and abused species.

Jacque Evans – Howling Pups

In the state of New Mexico, it is currently legal to own a wolf-dog as a pet. Unfortunately, many new owners of the species realize quickly that the undertaking was a mistake. Wolf-dogs are not the same as the domesticated dog affectionately known as “man’s best friend.” To the disheartenment of Jacque, too many of the regrettably purchased wolf-dogs were abandoned, abused, neglected, and killed. This reality sparked Jacque’s ambition to start the rescue, and it was the fuel that eventually transformed the ranch into the more publically recognized Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary nonprofit organization.

Lesser known to our newer Howling Supporters, Jacque Evans was a local artist, and she poured plenteous pennies from the sales of her paintings into the operation of the rescue ranch. Many of Jacque’s works feature wolves and wolf-dogs as stunning subjects.

Therefore, in honor of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary’s founder, artist Jacque Evans, the Art Pack April Contest was born. Through this annual event, Jacque’s compassionate and creative spirit shall live on!

Marvelously, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary’s first annual Art Pack April Contest yielded remarkable creativity! It was certainly challenging for the team to select just one winner each week, and while only one submission was congratulated and celebrated for each prompt, the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Team would like to take a moment to share a few other of our favorites:


Stunning! So many of you possess magnificent talent! It was thrilling to see how each artist was uniquely inspired by the prompts to create, and all for the benefit of our rescues. Thank you again to all who participated in this new event!

Now, won’t you please join the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Team in once more congratulating our four amazing winners!

Dear readers, we hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about Art Pack April and Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary’s founder, Jacque Evans. If you missed the opportunity to participate in the contest this year, fear not! Art Park April will return in 2021 for another round of creative fun with new prompts and more prizes.

Did you happen to fall in love with one of the winning art pieces? Then be sure to keep an eye out for our post announcing the exclusive Art Pack April merchandise! Scheduled to be available for online and on-site purchase starting in July of 2020, the one-of-a-kind designs will be featured on a variety of items available for purchase. As always, all Gift Shop sale proceeds directly support our rescues by helping to offset the cost of food, medical care, enrichment, and habitat maintenance and upgrades.

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  1. Ambrose Peshlakai

    A long friend of Jacques, then she lived at Albuquerque. She a fine artist, my younger days she wanted to draw me but I refused. Then I was drinking a lifestyle. But now in recovery 33 yrs. I’m a artist too., I would like more info. On the sanctuary, to donate a artwork of mine to the sanctuary for sale. To support the wolves.


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