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Howls of Love, Howling Supporter!
February 14, 2020
Kendra Kain-Woods

With the arrival of February, folks often turn their hopes to spring and their thoughts to love, especially with the celebration of Valentine’s Day mid-month. While this holiday tends to focus heavily upon romantic couples, the celebration of love is so much more!

Unfortunately for us English-speakers, our language fails us on the subject of love. After all, we have but a single word to express such a complex and diverse emotion, but love is gratitude and patience. Love is compassion and understanding. It is warmth within and surrounding—a comforting presence and experience. Love is respect. It is unconditional, but capable of evolution and growth. We all feel it in our own way and for many people, beings, and things.

While not unique to February, the Wild Spirit Team is blooming with adoration for our rescues, and we hope that you will join us in celebrating this fondness!

This Valentine’s Day, the Wild Spirit Team encourages you, dear Howling Supporter, to hold a loving space for our rescues, or perhaps one whom you favor. Share with us something you adore about them, or a piece of art, such as a sketch, photo, or poem dedicated to them. We would enjoy sharing and celebrating our rescues with you!


Kendra Kain-Woods