2020 Howling Poetry Contest Winners

2020 Howling Poetry Contest Winner Header

December 29, 2020

With the end of November, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary’s Second Annual Howling Poetry Contest came to a close, and we are thrilled to announce our winner!

 Maryanne Coppinger wins with her poem titled, “Ode to Bark.” 

Please join us in howling our huge congratulations to Maryanne and we hope you enjoy her work as much as we did:

Ode to Bark

By Maryanne Coppinger

Oh my tree
My solid sacred partner in this wild place
I lean on you, and you will scratch my itch
I doze beneath your leafy arms for shade against the sun.

Oh my tree
I have marked you as my own
Mine though others may want you
I suppose I will share – but only with the birds.

Oh my tree
Your endless silence stands in contrast to my nightly howls
And yet we are pals.
Nothing comes between me and my tree.

By the conclusion of the contest, 11 poems were submitted and $55.00 was raised for the rescues! Poems were submitted from all over the United States as well as from the United Kingdom, and contestants were between the ages of 7 and 69.

All participants will receive the 2020 Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Howling Poetry Contest sticker as a thank you for supporting our rescues. Due to the delays of the holiday season in addition to the effects the coronavirus pandemic has been having on many businesses, the stickers may not arrive until early 2021. We thank you for your understanding of this matter.

The two winner will also receive the sticker in addition to publication in our quarterly newsletter, The Howling Reporter, scheduled for printing in March of 2021 as well as on the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary website, and the poem will be shared on all of Wild Spirit’s social media platforms.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated—whether you submitted a poem, liked our announcements, or shared our posts about the contest on Facebook or Instagram, each action helps support our rescues. Stayed tuned for new contests and interactive events planned for 2021, and we look forward to offering this creative opportunity once again next year!

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  1. Carol Smith

    Wonderful poems! I especially enjoyed ‘Ode to Bark’!
    Thanks for sharing!


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