BIO ~ Naia is a female high-content wolf-dog, which means she looks and acts mostly like a wolf, but has some dog in her ancestry.  She was born on May 13th of 2019 and came to WSWS in July of 2019.

PERSONALITY ~ Naia is still developing her personality as she ages and shifts from the puppy stage to the adult stage. Right now she is bold, bossy, playful and mischievous.

RELATIONSHIP ~  We are hoping that Naia forms a bond with one of our senior rescues, Flurry. So far, it’s not clear it will be a good match.  She is spending her time with staff members and domestic dogs for now.

LIKES ~ Naia loves all domestic dogs, paper towel rolls and other cardboard, beef bones, howling at 5:00 am and being outdoors every chance she gets, and our rescued fox siblings, Rumi and River.

DISlIKES ~ Naia dislikes her travel crate (used for transport), being ignored by Flurry and disciplined by her domestic dog friends.

FUN FACTS ~ Although she is solid black except for a white spot on her chest, Naia’s fur will lighten as she matures. Eventually, she will be mostly grey like all black-phase wolves and wolf-dogs

WISH LIST ~ Naia’s first vet visit revealed she had an iron deficiency. Donate to “Feed the Faces” to ensure she continues to receive the proper nutrition required to heal and stay healthy.


Naia Would Love To Find More Sponsors!


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