BIO ~ Angel was a spayed female mid-content wolf-dog which means she has some wolf traits and some dog traits. She was born in 2004.  She and her life-long friend, Nazareth, came to live at WSWS until we helped her join the Big Pack in the Sky on September 8th, 2019.

PERSONALITY ~ Beautiful Angel had a curious streak, but she had no interest in meeting new people. Like most true wolf-dogs, she was innately very shy.

RELATIONSHIP ~ Angel lived with her lifelong companion, Nazareth, until he passed away in May of 2017. They had lived together since they were young pups. She moved in with Nikki in the summer of 2017 until we helped her joined the Big Pack in the Sky on September 8th, 2019.

LIKES ~ Angel loved her friend, Nazareth, more than anyone or anything else. They were together until he joined the Big Pack in the Sky.  Angel enjoyed seeing other animals passing by her habitat on walks or spending time in the One Acre habitat, which shared a fence with her own.

DISLIKES ~ Angel didn’t like a lot of attention or when there was a lot of activity happening near her habitat.

FUN FACTS ~ Angel has a bright yellow ring around her pupil that makes her eyes particularly stunning.

ANGEL’S HISTORY ~ Angel and her companion, Nazareth, were purchased and raised by a man when they were only 4 weeks old. She bonded with her owner but would only allow a few people to pet her. Angel was comfortable enough to go on leashed walks, while  Nazareth refused.

When Angel and Nazareth were 9 years old, their owner was seriously injured in a fall and was hospitalized for some time. While recovering, the owner’s home was ransacked and he lost his job. Thankfully, his landlord was very caring and allowed him and his wolf-dogs to stay rent-free. Sadly, the landlord passed away and Angel’s owner was evicted by the landlord’s family, leaving them all without a home. Knowing his wolf-dogs needed secure, escape-proof containment, as well as experienced handlers, the owner reached out to friends and neighbors for help so he could find proper placement for them.

One of his friends from church called Pamela Jo at Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue and she began reaching out to various sanctuaries and wolf rescue people. Doris Duncan, who runs Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue (SCWR) in Petaluma, CA, responded to Pamela Jo’s plea right away and told her that the two wolf-dogs could stay in her escape-proof otter pen for a short time. Although SCWR would soon need the otter pen for rescuing otters, Angel and Nazareth had a temporary home. Shana Larson from Auburn, CA, transported the wolf-dogs to the SCWR and they were cared for by Doris and her team of volunteers and staff for almost two months.

Pamela Jo continued to search for qualified sanctuaries to permanently home Nazareth and Angel. The sanctuaries that responded to Pamela Jo could not take them, as most wolf-dog sanctuaries are inundated with large numbers of wolf-dogs. Being familiar with Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary’s ability to provide the best of care to innately wild canines, Pamela Jo contacted us. We agreed to temporarily place the two wolf-dogs in a 5,000 square foot off-site habitat until a habitat at the sanctuary opened up. Nazareth developed cancer in his left eye and it was successfully removed. Almost immediately after having the painful eye removed, he began allowing staff to pet him! He even went on his first leashed walks.  We were glad to offer him the best life we could until he joined the Big Pack in the Sky.  Angel went on to find a friend in another senior rescue, Nikki.

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