We are NOT in any immediate danger

Please be aware that there are several active wildfires throughout New Mexico and Arizona that may affect travel to and from the wolf sanctuary. Please call the Gift Shop if you need more information, as we are trying to stay on top of road and fire information: 505-775-3304.

Amazon Shoppers Needed!

Below are our 5 Amazon wish lists. We’ve broken them down to make them more useful to supporters of Wild Spirit so that you can choose how you’d like to help.

Many of the items are on multiple lists.

Many of the things in this list are things we use regularly, as well as some other high-priority items. Many items are directly related to animal care.

We do a lot of enrichment to help our rescues avoid boredom. These items are useful in helping to care for and keep critters engaged.

Important things for assisting us in responding to emergencies, as well as many items we need regularly to provide care to our rescues.

Items we use to manage daily activities, office-related items, tools for general maintenance, and things to improve our education program.

Items we’d love to have to upgrade our media department so that personal equipment doesn’t have to be used for photos and videos for social media and education.

All of the previous wishlists in one giant list. If you’re the kind of person that likes to browse and let something inspire you, then here is everything in one place!