Iowa 11 Rescue

by | Apr 13, 2016

Team Wild Spirit’s Iowa 11 rescue team picked up the remaining ten of the original 11 wolves in Iowa Monday morning. They then left Iowa around noon and drove non-stop to Tijeras NM, met with the Vet and the boys were neutered and arrived at the Sanctuary around 11:30pm. The rescues were released around midnight and their first steps onto natural ground were captured on thermal video… they spent nearly four years on concrete in small enclosures.

From Leyton, everyone at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and so many of our supporters that wanted to see the Iowa 11 rescued, we say a big THANK YOU to the people listed in the marquee below… the people that helped make this happen with their kind and generous donations… people of Team Wild Spirit!

Thank you: Carole Altendorf Sharan McCue Soft Sensuous Moves William Flowers Cathleen Glasner Marie Sikora Agnieszka Antczak kathleen Kelly Shannon Millar Marguerite Monroe Maura Leus Debra Burns Michelle Bollo Danita Arrowood Margaret Doman Garin Wolf Barbara Higdon Daniel and Christy Moyer Rebecca Decker Stephanie M Carpenter Rebecca R. Elgin Joann Butkus Lawrence Cannon Rachel Grodsky Allison Garofalo Teresa Hopkins Monica Lucas Lynn Traceski Reatha Sage Robyn McCue Nina Nixdorf Britt Miller Morningstar Elicerio Melissa Bush Sabra Basler Elizabeth Colpitts Crystal Schu Patricia Ionata Linda Boggs Stephanie Kontag Amber Decker Mary Johnston Jason Larson Adam Jakosz Lisa Mann Jeffrey Quigle Jennifer Stephens Kim Reeves Denise Balog Holly Andrews Helen Gonzales Rebecca Lubas Karen LeBaron Susan Kline Jennifer Clark Constance Belen Deirdre Cochran Fred Davis Terry Lorman Regina Milano Christine Burkett Meagan McCarley Stacy Totland Jennifer Clark Gina White Elena M. Page Carol West Janessa Leonski Bart Bruijnesteijn Jeff Weller Lisa Meiers DeAnna Dimmitt

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