Howling Poetry Contest

Second Annual Howling Poetry Contest in November!

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is excited to present our second annual poetry contest, and encourage you to join and share with your friends!

Submit your entries here!

This year we’re providing the photographic prompt, below, for your inspiration!

2019 Winning Entry

Lupine Plea
By Martin Naugher

On nights of cobalt blue,
When the moon takes on a different hue.

When cold of winter seems to reach,
Inside our bones, the warmth to leach.

Our eyes reflect the stars above,
As snow settles, like a glove.

We pull together, strength in numbers.
Lone wolf ahead, game to plunder.

To think, we use to be,
Unafraid and roaming free.

Multitudes to thin the herd,
Now scant family must pass the word.

Dependent on humans, we now rely.
With their help, we will survive.

Misunderstood, afraid but proud.
As one, a chorus, a howl so loud.

Take notice and hear our desperate plea,
We must survive, we must be free.

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