Leyton J. Cougar, Director of Development

Leyton first came to Wild Spirit as a volunteer, way back in the summer of 1996. Back then the sanctuary was called “Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch” and it was a much smaller organization. At first, Leyton intended to volunteer once or twice a week, but he soon fell in love and began to invest as much of his time as possible into the sanctuary. For several years, Leyton worked closely with founder Jacque Evans, and in 2003 he took over as Executive Director. Under Leyton’s leadership, the sanctuary has continued to grow, rescuing more wolves and wolf-dogs in need and sharing our message with an ever-growing number of people.

Despite his many responsibilities, he still makes time to maintain relationships with the canine residents of WSWS and share his experience with visitors. In his early days at Wild Spirit, Leyton traveled widely with Raven, an educational ambassador wolf who helped Leyton teach the public about wolves, the cruelties of the exotic pet trade, and the importance of letting the wild remain wild. Now, years later, Leyton still continues this work with our current ambassadors, and together they visit schools, libraries, parks, and more all over the state and even the country.

If Leyton could have one wish: 

“I wish all breeding of all canines and felines, except those wild canines and felines breeding in the wild, would stop for ten years… just so planet earth can breathe a short sigh of relief from the intense over population of canines and felines that is upsetting the balance of nature more than most humans are wiling to admit!”