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Our Ambassadors

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Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a leading provider of wolf and wolf-dog Rescue, Sanctuary and Education.

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary rescues wolves and wolf-dogs from a variety of situations from all around the country.

Team Wild Spirit is committed to providing each and every one of our four-legged rescues with a safe and enriched life in a forever home.

Team Wild Spirit travels all over New Mexico and surrounding states to teach the public about wolves, wolf-dogs and our mission.

Our Rescues
Meet our Rescues and learn about the never-ending drive to provide the best environment, enrichment, nutrition, and medical care for them.

Join with Team Wild Spirit supporters, members, volunteers and staff in providing the best of everything possible for our rescues.

We want you to have as much fun with the Sanctuary as we do! Here is our way of getting you involved with the animals we love so dearly.

Our Ambassadors continue to set photo and film sessions on fire with their wolf good looks and always ready for "action" personalities.

Gift Shop
Browsing for that perfect wolf-themed gift? Our online gift shop is just one more way you can help support the Sanctuary.

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