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W e couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that world-famous, award-winning fantasy writer, George R. R. Martin and his wife Parris, have named our Iowa 10 rescues! The Martins took time out of their seriously busy lives to personally name our ten wolf-dogs after the five dire wolves and five main characters from Mr. Martin’s book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. The genius world created in his books has now brilliantly come alive in the HBO series, “Game of Thrones.” This wildly popular series is now in its third season, and recently won the British version of the Emmy awards. We can’t tell you how honored we are to have our rescued wolf family become a part of this truly epic creation. The Martins are long time supporters of WSWS, and last year, they raised over $200,000 for us with an exclusive offering from George R. R. Martin.

The Westeros Pack

Game of Thrones Westeros Wolf Arya Name Play
Arya is the alpha female of the Westeros Five enclosure, although sometimes she switches places with Nymeria depending on her mood. She's got a little bit of an underbite which gives her a goofy little smile and makes it easier to tell her apart. She is next in line on the bravery scale and hopefully will open up even more as time goes on. FB
Game of Thrones Westeros Wolf Beric Dondarrion Name Play
Beric has a unique personality that is still blossoming due to his previous bachelorhood and confinement, but with the attention of his caretakers and his new girlfriend, Savannah, he is coming out of his shell and developing a personality all his own. FB
Game of Thrones Westeros Wolf Brienne Name Play
Brienne is the most fearful of the pack. She is very easily startled and doesn't really come up to people unless she can get some food out of it. FB
Game of Thrones Westeros Wolf Jon Snow Name Play
Jon Snow is quite the curious fellow but will hold back until you have shown that you can be trusted. Spending time in his enclosure when it is not close to feeding time will allow him to focus on you instead of his stomach. FB
Game of Thrones Westeros Wolf Nymeria Name Play
Nymeria is a very cautious girl, and has much more interest in her fellow pack members than humans, although sometimes she will sneak up to investigate when you aren't looking! FB
Game of Thrones Westeros Wolf Shae Name Play
Shae likes pacing up and down the fence that faces her other brothers and sisters enclosure... particularly when feeding time is approaching. Singing or humming in a soft voice (nursery rhymes in particular) is useful in calming the energy of the entire pack. FB
Game of Thrones Westeros Wolf Shaggydog Name Play
Shaggydog is the most social in his enclosure but be aware of his interest in your shoes. If you see him thinking about 'nibbling' your shoes be sure to give him a firm "NO" and move away from him calmly. FB
Game of Thrones Westeros Wolf Summer Name Play
Summer is the alpha male in his enclosure. And, as is fairly typical of the alpha, he is also the most aloof. When feeding meaty bones, and he can get away with it, Summer will horde the bones and intimidate the others. FB

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Westeros Pack

The Westeros Pack 

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