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Changes to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Team!

Georgia Cougar and Megan Murphy

Article by Kendra Kain-Woods

Kendra is our Grant Coordinator and Copy Editor, as well as an Animal Care Specialist. She is an animal behavior enthusiast, greatly enjoying the impactful relationships possible through training as a means of communication and building trust. Through her love of writing, Kendra hopes to further support the wild rescues of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.

February 28, 2020

One of our long time staff members, Georgia Cougar says good-bye, and a former volunteer and staff member, Megan Murphy returns! 

Good-bye, Georgia

On January 31st, 2020, The Wild Spirit Team said good-bye to long-time staff member, Georgia Cougar, who most recently assisted Wild Spirit from her home in Albuquerque with marketing, communications, and the Wild Spirit website.

Georgia has been a part of the Wild Spirit Family for 22 years, and she has dedicated a lot of time and energy to supporting the mission and well-being of the Sanctuary. Please join our team in sending a huge howl of thanks to Georgia, and let us wish her the best in her next adventures!

Letter from Georgia:

Dear Wild Spirit Family,

Your inspirational support for our sanctuary has always touched and inspired me. You remind me that our world is full of people with magnificent hearts. There is no way I could ever thank you enough for all that you do to help us care for our residents. We truly could not be here without your love and generosity.


I knew when I came to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary for a tour 22 years ago that I found a cause I could passionately support. I started as a volunteer and donor, and then I began the awesome journey of becoming bride to Wolf Daddy and mom to Lakota, my little Wolf Girl.


Like most of our staff, I have worn many hats over the years, from bookkeeping and office work to member services to graphics, publications, and advertising to marketing and fund-raising and finally to social media and website. The Sanctuary is unrecognizable compared to those early years. Working at Wild Spirit has been the second most rewarding job of my life, next to being Lakota’s mom. I know this remarkable labor of love will continue to evolve and grow, and it is time for me to do the same thing.


I’m starting a new chapter in my life and will no longer be part of the Wild Spirit Team. It has been emotional and confusing to let go of something that I spent every day thinking and worrying about over the past 22 years.


I have learned so many life lessons along the way: I learned how to build a Hogan from scratch, how to drive in 10 inches of mud, and how to carry and empty a 5-gallon bucket of gross liquid without spilling any on my shoes. I learned I can raise a baby with no electricity or running water in the middle of nowhere during winter, and that most Americans don’t know what the middle of nowhere is really like.


I learned to completely avoid the phrase, “As soon as I finish this, I’ll have more free time to do that.” That lesson was one of the hardest to learn.


It would take way too long to list the triumphs and failures, and the joys and heartbreaks that I’ve experienced, but it has been astounding and rewarding and I would do it all over again. I made terrible mistakes, but I made a lot of things better, too. I was both tireless and exhausted, but I howled on and complained a lot. But it was not about me. Every single time our rescues howled together, it was magic—it was about them.


Of course, I will always be here for this most incredible place as it continues to evolve. In my new life chapter, I’ll be focusing on expanding my own e-commerce store, Moonshine New Mexico. It’s very exciting and also scary, but I hope to apply that lesson I learned about never giving up.


With Love and Gratitude to Everyone,


Welcome, Megan!

Although, it would really be more accurate to say, “Welcome Back!”

After all, Megan Murphy is no newb to the unique trials and rewards of life at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. She had dedicated over two years to the Sanctuary, initially as a volunteer before later transitioning into a staff role. In fact, Megan was a driving force, along with Lisa McNitt, Bookkeeper, to the various upgrades the Gift Shop desperately needed, including online shopping options!

Megan returns to Wild Spirit adopting the new title, Social Media and Outreach Developer, and she will be working very closely with Tim Waite, Multimedia and Outreach Developer, to ignite Wild Spirit’s online presence into a passionate, informative, fun, and interactive experience. Please stay tuned!

Megan Murphy graduated in 2016 from Hendrix College in Arkansas with her Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She was most recently employed by Best Friends Animal Society, a nonprofit organization located in Kanab, Utah dedicated to serving animals rescued from all over the country. In fact, Best Friends has several locations, and the facilities work diligently to rehabilitate dogs, as well, before they find their forever homes. Furthermore, for the pups that are not well suited to home life, Best Friends provides sanctuary.

Her long love of animals has often guided Megan as she considered jobs and what work would bring joy to her life. The Wild Spirit Team is definitely excited to welcome Megan back, and we hope you will join us with a warm reception!

Here’s what Megan has to say upon returning to the Sanctuary:

“I absolutely love working with the rescues of Wild Spirit and helping educate the public about them. That’s part of the reason I keep coming back! It’s a unique experience and something I’ve become very passionate about. I love the sense of community at Wild Spirit and it just feels like home to me, that’s probably one of my favorite parts about being a part of the Team. I’m super excited to be returning and starting my new role for the Sanctuary!”

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  1. Pam Martin

    Welcome, welcome

    • Megan Murphy

      Thank You!

  2. Laura Bennett

    Flicker and Lobo are both just BEAUTIFUL. The conditions you have provided for them are where they feel safe, as well as loved THANK YOU Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.

    • Tim Waite

      We agree with you, Laura! They are also both very sweet. It’s difficult not to want to go in their enclosure and hang with them for an entire day 😀

  3. Jennifer

    Best wishes on your new ventures!

  4. lisa egner

    The world has changed so drastically with the outbreak and the attempt to control the further spread. One thing has not chamged. Istart my day with the wolves and the unity of the pack howling in my mind and my heart. A lot spears to be shifting at WsWs. May today find you all protected and at ease. Looking forward to returning in the spring to my property out there in Candy Kitchen and to what grabs your spirit. Be safe be at Ease. Peace …Lisa

    • Kendra Kain-Woods

      Thank you so much for your kind words and continued support, Lisa. Everyone at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary remains healthy and in high spirits! Despite the closures occurring throughout New Mexico, we’re all still coming in every day to care for our dear rescues. That will not change. Of course, we’re all doing what we can to stay safe and well during this more chaotic time. Well wishes to your health and safety, as well. May you be able to return to Candy Kitchen soon!



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