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Leyton Cougar
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Rae McCue
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Leyton Cougar Leyton Cougar
Staff: Excecutive Director and Animal Care Specialist

Leyton originally volunteered at the then named "Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch" in the summer of 1996 after meeting Jacque Evans several years earlier and then relocating to Candy Kitchen, New Mexico. His plan to volunteer only once or twice a week changed as he became more involved in the dream of providing a safe haven for wolves and wolf-dogs. In 2003, Leyton Cougar took over as Executive Director of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and has dedicated himself to our cause ever since. Leyton has traveled all around the country with an Educational Rescue teaching the public the truth about wolves. He continues to improve the Sanctuary every way he can and still travels to different schools and libraries to educate.

To learn more about Leyton Cougar, you can visit his Wolf Daddy website.

Crystal Castellanos Crystal Castellanos
Staff: Assistant Director and Animal Care Specialist

Crystal is "boots on the ground" and runs the day-to-day operations of the sanctuary. You can't see it in this photo, but she has huge shoulders ;) She also has "a way" and a relationship with just about every rescue we care for and and is the go-to person for challenging animal transports to the vet.

Rae McCue Rae McCue
Staff: Animal Care Supervisor and Animal Care Specialist

Rae overseas the feeding and health care of all of our rescues. From the preparing of a wide variety of meals for a variety of animals and diets to making sure all of our rescues are receiving the best health care we can provide, Rae's days are filled with food and fur.

Nicole Schepker Nicole Schepker
Staff: Program Director and Animal Care Specialist

Nicole administers our many projects. And that, ladies and gentleman, is no small feat. As you can imagine, with all of the rescues, structures and property, her hands are more than full. Nicole's page is in the works. Stay tuned!

Chadley Kolb Chadley Kolb
Staff: Event Coordinator and Animal Care Specialist

Chadley is our "Dreamcatcher" as he answers the call of the Wild Spirit supporters wanting to visit us and have a once in a lifetime educational experience with our rescues and rescuers. Then he makes it happen! That may sound easy but, the truth is, it's a two-person job... or a one-Chadley job.

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Stefanie Jenkinson Stefanie Jenkinson
Volunteer: Gift Shop Assistant and Animal Care Specialist
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Matthew Danihel Matthew Danihel
Volunteer: Video Production and Animal Care Specialist

A jack of... well, at least two trades. Matthew switches from Animal Care Specialist in the mornings to video guru in the afternoon producing everything from our weekly Wild Spirit Minute to fundraiser videos. He's also an avian biologist with experience in wildlife rehabilitation, songbird banding and shorebird research.

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Tina Greenwood Tina Greenwood
Staff: Gift Shop Assistant and Animal Care
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Georgia Cougar Georgia Cougar
Staff: Publications, Marketing and Merchandising
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Ramon Castellanos Ramon Castellanos
Staff: Building & Maintenance Manager


Mike Budd Mike Budd
Volunteer: Building & Maintenance and Graphic Artist
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Dawn Schramm Dawn Schramm
Volunteer: Campground Hostess and Media Projects
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Steve Staviski Steve Staviski
Volunteer: Photographer and Transportation


Item2 Lisa McNitt
Staff: Bookkeeper
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