Over 2,500 on-line stores will donate a percentage of your online purchases to WSWS. Plus, GoodSearch will donate one penny for each search you make using their toolbar or website. It's the perfect way for younger folks to help out. You can even track how much you've earned by registering with your e-mail. Click the red button to get started. Encourage your friends, your kids, and folks at work to use GoodSearch every day. Thank you so much for your help. We couldn't be here without you!

Here’s How You Shop and Earn
1. Go to
2. Enter “Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary” in the box that says “Enter your charity here.”
3. Click the “Verify” button and then download the toolbar.
4. Search for a store, or pick from a list under “Search for Store Name,” or “Find Stores from Store List.” Click “Shop Now.”
Goodest Searchers as of September 2012
1. Lisa Sevigny
2. Alex Borowicz
3. Bobby Barnhill
4. Cherigene Slaughter
5. Georgia Cougar
6. Cheryl Ford
7. Kristen Johnson
8. David Edwards
9. Tara Souther
10. Nancee Goldwater