Wolf: Legend, Enemy, Icon

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A passionate look at one of the most fascinating animals in the world. Throughout history, wolves have fascinated, inspired and terrified people around the world. Fierce, loyal, tribal and intelligent, these animals are the subject of this intimate portrait. Early humans shared a nomadic hunting lifestyle with wolves and identified with their social structure and family life. They wrapped wolves in the golden cloth of legend, revering them as creators and helpers. Some, with great pride, even claimed wolves as their direct ancestors. Drawing on a wide variety of sources, the author weaves together ancient legends, up-to-date science, historical writings and personal observations with artifacts and the penetrating photography of Daniel J. Cox. The result is the magnificent, passionate and powerful story of an animal worth understanding and preserving. Wolf chapters include: Early myths and legends -- stories that record the earliest human -- wolf encounters Part of the Pack -- how wolves work together to hunt, for protection and to take care of the young Legendary Predator -- how wolves organize the hunt and select their prey Warriors and Wolves -- how, from ancient times, wolves have been role models for warriors Shamans and Shapeshifters -- how wolves have been seen as a great source of power and healing Predator Becomes Prey -- how humans have hunted wolves beyond all reason or need At the Edge Again -- what the future holds for this magnificent animal. Wolf blends natural science, history, and folklore to explore our fascination with one of the most complex creatures in the world. The book explores how humans have interacted with wolves, from the earliest creation myths to current attempts to restore near-extinct populations.
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