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Enrichment is important for innately wild animals in captivity. They don’t get to experience the same activities that animals living in the wild do, so caretakers need to provide added enjoyment and new experiences. There are many ways to do this, like giving them new things (things to smell, taste, or look at), or giving them problems to solve (things to open). At Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, we give our rescues enrichment throughout the year.

After very careful consideration, we have decided that it is in the best interest of our rescues to make our enrichment days at Wild Spirit private. Many of our rescues now are much shyer, and are too nervous to fully enjoy their treats in front of a crowd. We will always offer our rescues enrichment treats, which is vital to their mental and emotional health.

In the past, we offered photo certificates to people who donated to our enrichment program, but we are finding it hard to get good photos of our shyer rescues, and to find someone to turn all those photos into certificates, also. Regrettably, we will no longer be offering certificates in the future. We offer our sincere apologies to those of you who have faithfully donated to our enrichment program and displayed your certificates over the years. We will continue to take photos and video of the rescues we can to share with you. Of course, you are always welcome to come for a visit and for a tour during regular times! Thank you for your understanding and for your amazing support of our rescues. We couldn’t be here without you!

Your vital donation of $35 each quarter helps us provide unique treats and toys plus helps us provide our rescues with the raw meat diet they crave and deserve. It takes a lot of hard work, driving, vehicle maintenance, storage and supplies to make this happen. On behalf of happy rescues, thank you for your thoughtful support!

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Bunny Baskets
Summer Coolers
Pumpkin Toss
Present Toss
Mini Vacation
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Bunny Baskets Bunny Baskets
Every Spring we build some tasty "Bunny Baskets" for our rescues.
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Summer Coolers Summer Coolers
Every Summer we create some tasty "Summer Coolers" for our rescues.
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Pumpkin Toss Pumpkin Toss
Every Fall we stuff some tasty treats in hollowed out pumpkins for our rescues.
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Present Toss Present Toss
Every Winter we wrap some tasty presents for our rescues.
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Walks Walks
For the rescues that can be leashed and walked, we are able to take them for walks around the sanctuary. Some rescues are able to visit our campground and beyond. Campers are often pleasantly surprised to see one or more of our rescues out for an enriching walk. Want to go Camping?
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Mini Vacation Mini Vacation
For the rescues that can be leashed and walked, we are able to take them to "The One Acre". It's always enriching for our rescues to find out who has been in The One Acre recently, over-mark their markings and then visit and fence fight with the rescues in the four adjoining habitats.

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