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Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary passionately educates the public about wolves, wolf-dogs, the exotic pet trade, wolf reintroductions, laws and regulations and the need for rescue, sanctuary and education. An extraordinary few of our rescues, our "Educational Rescues", are able to safely interact with the public and help us with our educational and non-profit fundraising efforts.

"Wild spirited, not mean spirited"

We realize that providing an opportunity to meet and possibly even pet these magnificent animals sends mixed signals to an audience hearing "wild animals are not pets". The truth is that we dance on a double-edged sword in the never-ending need for support in our efforts to rescue and provide lifetime sanctuary to those bred and born into a world that they are not naturally suited for.

Meet our Educational Rescues!

Flurry Flurry

Often referred to as "Flurry the Flirt", this handsome guy is a real charmer and, over the years, has grown to enjoy meeting and receiving the affections of strangers.

Flurry can do it all and specializes in "Red Carpet Type" events. When the cameras come out, Flurry typically has the biggest smile of anyone in the photo.

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Storm Storm

We think that Storm just might consider himself to be the Alpha of the entire Wild Spirit Pack! He often initiates our sanctuary wide howling events with the deepest howl in the bunch.

Storm specializes in Educational Presentations as he holds the audience captive with his majestic presence.

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Forest Forest

Friendly Forest is quite the diplomat. A stunning Educational Rescue with a flare for getting up on picnic tables for all to admire and photograph, Forest loves the crowd and the crowd loves Forest.

Forest is socialized in a variety of situations and really shines during Educational Rescue Meet-n-Greets and Educational Presentations.

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Dakota Dakota

This handsome character has been the subject of many amazing photographs taken by photographers from around the world. Not only do photographers quickly find out how photogenic Dakota is, they also find out that they need to be prepared for a "Dakota Greeting" at some point in their photo shoot... it's quite friendly.

You probably guessed, Dakota is a favorite on our Photo Tours.

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Item1 Raven

In memory of our Educational Rescue Pack Leader

Our Educational Rescue Photo Album

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