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Thank you for taking some time to honor our rescues who have passed. We promised them that we would never forget them. Their stories of hope and survival continue to help to educate the public about the suffering and injustice endured by these magnificent wild spirits.

The most heartbreaking part of our job is saying goodbye to our beloved rescues. On average, our rescues live to be around 14 years old. Because many of our rescues are not comfortable with human contact, we allow our rescues to join the Big Pack in the Sky on their own terms whenever possible. We don’t want the last experience to be a terrifying, stressful trip to the veterinarian’s office. A few of our staff members are certified euthanasia technicians so that when necessary, we can assist our rescues with their passing and ease their suffering.

Seeing our beloved rescues leave this world is never easy, and we’ve learned that each rescue experiences the transition of death differently. Some want help joining the Big Pack, others do not. Neither is easy for our staff, so the best choice is to listen to our rescues and respect their comfort. We feel blessed to be able to “help” our rescues along in order not to prolong their suffering. We always provide life-saving care whenever possible, and we also offer palliative care for older, terminally ill rescues. After that, we believe that being able to offer them a peaceful, graceful passage with minimal suffering is the final and greatest kindness we can provide.

Get to know Jon Snow
Get to know Jon Snow
Get to know Jon Snow

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