Our Rescues

We at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary are committed to proving each and every one of our four-legged residents with a permanent home. When wolves or wolf-dogs come to Wild Spirit, they are not simply placed in a cage to spend the rest of their days. Instead, they find a permanent place where they receive the best environment, enrichment activities, nutrition, and medical care one can provide.

Enclosure * Terrain * Weather

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is located in the lovely mountain village of Candy Kitchen, New Mexico. Our 80-acre sanctuary sits amid ponderosa, pinion, and juniper trees at 7,500 feet elevation. Being in the high desert, our summers reach in the mid-90's, with winter nights dipping in the 0 to -10 degree range. While summers are warm for the wolves and wolf-dogs, the temperature is never unbearable and they are all provided with plenty of natural shade and many enclosures have large water sources for cooling. Our animals love the cool weather of winter and are especially frisky during our frequent winter snow falls. Active animals have large, rocky enclosures to explore, with plenty of room to frolic with their companion.

Diet * Nutrition * Supplementation

Throughout the years, we have dedicated ourselves to researching and developing a diet that is perfect for our wolves. Because canines are carnivores, meat is the staple of their diet. We feed primarily wild game (such as elk and deer) or poultry, depending on availability. We feed our residents five days out of the week, which is intended to be consistent with the fasting tendencies of wild wolves. Once a week, we treat our animals to our very own, specially designed "Wolf Loaf" which contains a variety of ingredients intended to mimic the stomach contents of the natural prey of wolves. Our Wolf Loaf is made primarily of beef with other needed nutritional ingredients such as: vegetables, grains, amino acids, essential fatty acids, bone meal, and other vitamins and supplements. Wolf Loaf was created by our director, Leyton, and is a protected recipe. Our animals also receive a weekly multi-purpose vitamin. Animals with specific needs, including our "geriatric" residents, enjoy diets created daily especially for them. Some of our animals receive daily or twice daily vitamins and supplements to assist with specific health issues.
Animal meals are made on-site in our large animal food kitchen with walk-in freezer and pantry.

Medical Care

We are required by U.S.D.A. to maintain an updated program of veterinary care schedule and to be visited by our attending veterinarian at least twice a year. Even though we are over 60 miles from the nearest vet office we still typically get vet visits many times through the year. When needed, physical examinations are given by trained staff or our attending veterinarian. With extensive knowledge gained throughout the years, and the assistance of several wonderful veterinarians, medical issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. We believe that enrichment, exercise, and nutrition play the most important role in any animal's health. Fresh water is provided daily and depending on the season, multiple times each day. Some animals are on special diets that require daily feeding for a specially prepared meal. We also have a morning and evening rounds schedule that is done each day where animals are observed and delivered any medication or supplements they are prescribed.

Protection * Safety

The safety of our animals is also something we at Wild Spirit take extremely seriously. All of the enclosures at Wild Spirit are designed to contain a wild, challenging animal, especially those prone to escape. Each enclosure is made with 9 gauge chain link fence a minimum of eight feet tall, with added fencing at the top that hangs inward to prevent climbing and/or jumping. All posts, top rail, and gates are schedule 40 Steele. We also bury three feet of fencing under the ground along the perimeter of each enclosure to prevent our animals from digging out. Enclosures are equipped with a double gate entry system to prevent gate escapes. We not only keep our animals safe within their enclosures, but we also ensure their added safety by preventing unwanted guests from entering the compound unescorted. We have perimeter gates, locked building, and nightly 'guard duty'.

Companionship * Enrichment * Care

When we determine how to best care for one of our residents, we are always aware that each wolf and wolf-dog at Wild Spirit is a unique individual with his or her own distinct personality, likes, and dislikes, as well as special needs. Although we fully understand that no life in captivity can ever compare to life in the wild, we make every attempt to ensure that each resident is provided with the most fulfilling life possible while in our care. As wolves are social animals, all of our residents are kept in compatible pairs or family groups. We feel it is vital to offer captive animals regular enrichment. We provide quarterly "treats", including the much-anticipated stuffed pumpkin, as well as a wide range of thoughtful activities throughout the year. Through these programs, we keep our wolves' minds and bodies stimulated, offer relief from boredom, and encourage exploration and curiosity. We even have a few lucky residents who enjoy going for walks. Of course, those animals comfortable with people enjoy daily, one-on-one attention from our staff and volunteers, as well as a chance to say hello to visitors and get a snack during one of our four tours offered to the public.

Our Rescues

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