Rae McCue

RaeAs our Animal Care Supervisor, Rae oversees the nutrition and healthcare of all our rescues. Although she is a cat person at heart, our rescues stole her heart when she first arrived at Wild Spirit as a volunteer in 2011. She’s been committed to improving their lives ever since! Rae’s daily work involves keeping detailed medical records of all rescues; researching dietary needs and nutrion, as well as supplements and medications; administering various medical procedures and tests; ensuring WSWS satisfies all USDA requirements; training new volunteers; overseeing our Wolf Kitchen where all food is prepared; and of course, caring for the animals themselves. This includes ensuring our rescues receive annual vet care, veterinary treatment as needed, and all daily medications and supplements to keep them at optimal health.

All departments of WSWS are connected to Animal Care, whether it is managing the gift shop or working in Building and Maintenance- and that is because every department works for the animals in different ways! It is the Animal Care department’s mission, first and foremost, to provide permanent, safe sanctuary, as well as only the best possible animal care to the residents at WSWS. That means maintaining their comfort, safety, health, and happiness, while minimizing stress caused by living in captivity.

Of course, our Animal Care department along with all departments of WSWS would not be possible without the support from our donors, sponsors, members, and guests! Our friends who support us enable us to give these rescued canines the best nutrition and health care possible. In Rae’s own words, “I cannot properly express my gratitude each time I pick up a box of donated items for the A.C. department!”