We have developed Wild Spirit terms that are exclusive to our wolf sanctuary. Please use the following list of our terms and their definitions to help make sense of our wild speak.

Bunny Basket – An enrichment treat served on Mother’s Day which has a wolf-loaf shaped like a bunny, nestled in a natural fiber basket full of festive treats.
Educational Rescue – Our rescued canines who are well-socialized and comfortable meeting people in different places.

Fence Fight – Arguments along the chain link fencing separating two enclosures. Often just good wolfy fun, fence fights can lead to injury.

Fight Wire – A finer mesh wire placed along the bottom of the chain-link fencing of our enclosures to prevent injuries from neighbors’ teeth.
High-Content – We don’t use percentages to describe the amount of wolf in our rescued wolf-dogs. We use high, low or mid-content level. A high-content wolf-dog looks more like a wolf than a dog and acts more like a wolf than a dog. Although not scientific, we do have a long list of criteria we assess, including body proportions, teeth, eye color and shape, vocalizations, markings, and behaviors.
Med-ball – Canine medications are hidden in an irresistible ball of raw meat, like Duralactin, antibiotics, prescriptions, etc.
Meat Sep – The dirty job of picking through barrels of donated meat to save only the best for our fur-kids’ diet.

Pupsicle – A Wild Spirit exclusive served to our fur-kids at our summer enrichment party. It is a bone-shaped frozen treat full of meat and other canine favorites.
Meat Run – The trip into town to gather the barrels of donated meat from Shamrock Foods, and leftovers from the butcher.

Sub-Enclosure – Our double-gate entry system to our enclosures. The outside door of an enclosure leads into a smaller enclosure. That outside door is closed before a second door leading into the animals’ enclosure is opened. We can separate animals or better care for animals by leading them into the smaller space of the sub-enclosure.

Wolf Loaf – Our exclusive mixture of raw meat and supplements which we mix up, freeze and serve to our fur-kids.