Sanctuary at Wild Spirit is a lifetime of safety, care and enrichment
We give our rescues the best care possible
Enrichment is a key to the mental health of our rescues
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary provides caring and permanent lifetime sanctuary to captive-bred wolves, wolf dogs, and other wild canines. We are proud to say that our animal care division is one of the best in the country. The physical, emotional, and mental welfare of our rescues is our top priority. We do not breed, sell or exploit our rescues in any way.

The animals at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary often come from unstable, traumatic or exploitive circumstances and we provide them a place where their safety, wellbeing, and innately wild spirit are cherished. Even the animals that were initially wanted by their owners become such a burden that after we rescue them, they are in need of peace, understanding, and a safe space to be themselves. The exotic pet trade is a vast and cruel machine that eats up animals and spits them back out as inconsequential. This is why sanctuary is something we feel so passionately about, because, for many of our residents, they have two options: living with us or losing their lives.

We do not just place animals in cages and throw some food their way. The humans who live and work here live steadfast to the philosophy that the animals come first. This manifests in how we select their nutrition, enrich their lives, and care for them in every way we can. They receive the best quality food, medical care, and nutritional supplements that we can afford. We come up with innovative ways to enrich their lives, and we do our utmost to ensure they are paired into harmonious bonds with others of their own kind. They all live in natural habitats and are provided shelter to escape the elements if they choose to. Those that want nothing to do with humans are not forced to interact with us;  for those special cases, we draw the line at human contact required to provide care. Above all else, for every single rescue, Wild Spirit is a place of rest, recovery, and relaxation into a rescue’s true self. Providing that may vary slightly between different animals and our care is customized to suit all individual needs.

Providing sanctuary is a sacred duty, where a reprieve from unfortunate or relentless circumstances can be found. Throughout history, sanctuaries have given a sense of security and peace to those who did not have a place to call their own or were unfairly persecuted. For the wolves, wolf-dogs and other wild canids in our care, these circumstances are almost always the case. As long the exotic pet trade exists, so will we; and as long as we exist, these animals will have a home to call their own.

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