BIO ~ Rumi is a male red fox. He came to live at Wild Spirit in August of 2018 when he was only a few months old.

PERSONALITY ~ Rumi is much shyer than his sister, River. When it’s time for breakfast, though, Rumi is a hungry growing boy and completely forgets that he is shy! He prefers to hang out behind his favorite log while River bounces around their habitat. He is still very playful and cannot resist his toys.

RELATIONSHIP ~ Rumi lives with his sister, River. We couldn’t be happier to be able to keep these deserving rescues together.

LIKES ~ Rumi likes being noisy, fresh fruit (especially blueberries), and hiding behind his log.

DISlIKES ~ Rumi dislikes apples, too much attention, and when his sister sleeps on top of him.

Foxes have a wide range of vocalizations and he is not afraid to use each one!.

WISH LIST ~ Rumi would love a donation to buy him some safe, heavy duty dog or cat toys. Thank you so much for supporting our deserving boy.


Rumi Would Love To Find Sponsors!

RUMI’S HISTORY ~ Our beautiful Rumi is a red fox. He comes from a long line of captive-bred foxes who originally came from fur farms. Rumi’s parents were bred at an exotic animal breeder in Virginia. He and his three siblings were meant to be sold into the pet industry.

Virginia passed a law prohibiting the ownership of foxes as pets. That was good news for future foxes, but that meant these fox kits needed sanctuary! With nowhere to go, Rumi and his siblings were placed in foster care in Ohio while caring folks looked for places for them to live. We were thrilled to give this handsome boy and his sister River a safe and loving forever home.

Rumi bonded with the caring folks who helped care for him when she needed it. He is still very wild at heart, but we hope he soon learns to trust us and fully enjoy all the perks of sanctuary life!

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