BIO ~ Rain was a female, spayed mid-content wolf-dog. She had some wolf traits and some dog traits. She came to Wild Spirit in March of 2006 when she was 14 months old.  She joined The Big Pack in the Sky on March 7th, 2019.

PERSONALITY ~ Rain was a very sweet, playful girl! She liked to wrestle with Nimoy and loved to run around with her caretakers in her habitat. Rain was more comfortable around women, but she was pretty shy with most people. Once she got to know her caretakers, Rain was very curious and affectionate!

RELATIONSHIP ~ Rain lived with a neutered, male, mid-content wolf-dog named Nimoy. Rain originally lived with an older male wolf-dog named Ashlar before he passed away. She and Nimoy were best friends and made a wonderful pair until she joined the Big Pack in the Sky in March of 2019.

LIKES ~ Rain loved playing with Nimoy and going out for walks. Her caretaker had to have a good grip on the leash because Rain loved to pull! She also liked ear scratches and long naps on top of her house.

DISLIKES ~ Rain was a notoriously picky eater, and she turned her nose up at fish, game meats, and organ meat, for example. She also disliked men, strangers, or large crowds, which is why she wasn’t on our tour path.

FUN FACTS ~ Rain was our gold medal winner of the play bow! She could be a little shy, but once she was comfortable with her caretaker, all she wanted to do is play. She let us know she was feeling playful by striking this famous canine pose – front legs down and stretched out, and butt up in the air!

RAIN’S HISTORY ~ The story of our beautiful, rescued wolf-dog is one that is all too common. Rain was purchased by a young woman who wanted a pet. Before buying a wolf-dog, she took the time to do some research, and she learned about wolf-dog’s specific needs, the challenges of ownership, and the differences between these animals and domestic dogs. She truly felt that she was thoroughly prepared to own a wolf-dog and would be able to overcome the difficulties of owning one.

While this young woman looked for her new pet, her mother reached out to Wild Spirit. She had also learned quite a bit about wolf-dogs and did not agree that her daughter should purchase one. She asked our Director, Leyton, if he would be willing to speak with her daughter and attempt to persuade her. Of course, Leyton agreed to speak to her if she wanted his input, but the daughter never called for his advice. Her mind was made up, and so she purchased Rain when she was 7 weeks old.

For the first year, Rain and the owner were pretty content. She lived with other animals and got along well with all of them, and she was fine with most people, although a bit shy of men and tall individuals. When they moved to California though, life got complicated. When Rain was 5 months old, a group of kids had tried to attack her, assuming she was a wolf and therefore bad or evil. Since that, she was far more wary of people, although not aggressive. However, like all wolf-dogs, she proved to be a poor fit for a home and difficult to keep comfortable and happy as a pet. To top it off, her owner had moved to a county where legally, she was not allowed to own a wolf-dog. When Rain was just over 1 year old, her owner made the call to Wild Spirit to see if we had room for her wolf-dog.

Because we had a lone male named Ashlar who had just lost his father, Grey Shadow, we had a space for Rain. They got along well and Rain adjusted to sanctuary life quickly. Our playful girl soon learned to fence-fight, one of our rescues favorite pastimes. A wolfy neighbor in the habitat next door grabbed Rain’s ear through the chain link fencing, taking off the very top and adding Rain to our One-Ear Club! Fortunately, ear tears are not major injuries and Rain wears her uneven ears well. Fortunately, enclosure upgrades have included a fine wire mesh added along the lower chain link to prevent more injuries.

After Ashlar joined the Big Pack in the Sky, Rain was introduced to Nimoy. The two were a great match and the photos of their fun love affair made them very popular on social media! Pairing strangers can be challenging and often successful matches are more co-existence than true love. It was especially rewarding to watch Rain and Nimoy’s wonderful relationship blossom and thrive until the very end!