BIO ~ Nazareth was a neutered male mid-content wolf-dog. We rescued him in 2016 when he was 12 years old. He joined the Big Pack in the Sky on May 1st 2017 when he was on his way to the vet because he was acting poorly.  We were all thrilled to see Nazareth transform from an untouchable boy to one who loved attention and even became brave enough to go for his first walks on a leash!

Nazareth was a sweet shy boy

PERSONALITY ~ Nazareth was a bit of a grumpy guy who longed for attention but was picky about who and when he accepted it. He was close with some of his caretakers, and if he was in the mood for pets, he would come up and ask for attention. He was shy of strangers and tended to avoid them completely.

RELATIONSHIP ~ Nazareth lived with low-content wolf-dog Angel. They had been together their whole lives, so we were happy to be able to offer this shy, bonded-pair a home together. They we are on the tour path, but they prefered to hang back and watch the group pass by instead of approaching to say hello.

LIKES ~ After his eye surgery, we introduced Nazareth to walking on a leash. He learned to love it, and there was nothing he enjoyed more than encountering a new, stinky smell and scent-rolling all over it.

DISLIKES ~ Like all of our shyer rescues, Nazareth disliked crowds of people and unwanted attention. Nazareth had also decided he really did not like Leyton, our executive director. He would alarm howl anytime Leyton was on the property, letting everyone know just how mad he was.

FUN FACTS ~ Nazareth was one of our “Pirate Gang” because he had only eye! He had his right eye removed due to a tumor behind it. Strangely enough, Nazareth suddenly became social once his painful eye was gone, and then now we could even take him for walks!

NAZARETH’S HISTORY ~ Nazareth and Angel were purchased from separate breeders when they were only 4 weeks old. They were raised by a man who loved them very much. They bonded with their owner, but they did not spend much time with other people. Angel was comfortable enough to go on leashed walks, while Nazareth refused.

When Angel and Nazareth were 9 years old, their owner was seriously injured in a fall and was hospitalized for some time. While recovering, more bad luck followed: his home was ransacked and he lost his job. Thankfully, his landlord was very caring and allowed him and his wolf-dogs to stay rent-free. Sadly, the landlord soon passed away and Nazareth’s owner was evicted by the landlord’s family, leaving him and his wolf-dogs without a home. Knowing his wolf-dogs needed secure, escape-proof containment, as well as experienced handlers, the owner reached out to friends and neighbors for help so he could find proper placement for them.

One of his friends from church contacted Pamela Jo at Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue. She began reaching out to various sanctuaries and wolf rescue people. Doris Duncan, who runs Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue (SCWR) in Petaluma, CA, responded to Pamela Jo’s plea right away and told her that the two wolf-dogs could stay in her escape-proof otter pen for a short time. Although SCWR would soon need the otter pen for rescuing otters, Angel and Nazareth had a temporary home. Shana Larson from Auburn, CA, transported the wolf-dogs to the SCWR and they were cared for by Doris and her team of volunteers and staff for almost two months.

Pamela Jo continued to search for qualified sanctuaries to permanently home Nazareth and Angel. The sanctuaries that responded to Pamela Jo could not take them, as most wolf-dog sanctuaries are inundated with large numbers of wolf-dogs. Being familiar with Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary’s ability to provide the best of care to innately wild canines, Pamela Jo contacted us. We agreed to temporarily place the two wolf-dogs in a 5,000 square foot off-site habitat until a habitat at the sanctuary opened up.

The senior pair was in a permanent habitat at Wild Spirit and did very well with us. We discovered that Nazareth had developed cancer in his left eye and it was successfully removed. Almost immediately after having the painful eye removed, he began allowing staff to pet him! Angel prefers to keep her distance from most people, but she has allowed some caretakers to touch her. Nazareth became very social, and it’s possible that with time Angel may warm up even more.