BIO ~ Maki was a high-content wolf-dog who came to Wild Spirit on May 20th, 2006 when she was 4 or 5 years old. She passed away peacefully in her habitat on March 17, 2017.

PERSONALITY ~ At her previous home, Maki was a very loving and playful animal. When she moved to our sanctuary, she became timid. Ater being placed with Nikki, she became even shyer because no one interacts with her habitat-mate for safety reasons. Maki learned to trust some of her caretakers and she would revert back to her playful self.

Maki with her long-time habitat-mate, Nikki

RELATIONSHIP ~  Maki lived with her sister and another rescue before a fight broke the siblings apart. We place Maki with another high-content wolf-dog named Nikki. He loved her very much. After she passed away, we gave him time with her to understand that she was gone. He was still very upset when it was time to take her out. He mourned for several weeks.

Maki is a champion in scent rolling

LIKES ~ Maki was a feisty girl who loved to fence-fight and howl with the other wild spirits. She was an expert scent-roller whenever she smelled something delicious to her.

DISlIKES ~ Maki disliked Nikki always trying to steal her food. For safety, we built a smaller section of their habitat for Nikki to go into to eat.  She could eat in peace, and our staff could clean without worry.

Maki's mascara is running

FUN FACTS ~ After a fight with her sister, Kamia, Maki sustained a minor injury to her eye. It didn’t bother her at all, but her eyelid was torn a bit. Sometimes it looked like she had been crying while wearing her mascara.

Maki's mascara is running

MAKI’S HISTORY ~ Maki came to Wild Spirit from the Richard E. Flauto Wildlife Foundation in 2006.  After Richard tragically and unexpectedly passed away, the facility was inherited by Richard’s girlfriend and the Foundations director, Tiffany.  She tried her best to continue Richard’s dream but finally made the difficult but wise decision to ask for help.

She sent out a plea to other wolf sanctuaries in the hopes that they could offer some help.  We agreed to take two females that were thought to be pure timber wolves, Maki and her aunt, Kamia.  The two beautiful females were originally both placed in a beautiful enclosure with Cheyenne, a male wolf-dog who had just recently joined us as well.  We don’t usually keep two females together, but because they had already been living together, we thought they would do okay together.Cheyenne died of gastric torsion in late summer of 2006, leaving Kamia & Maki with strong dynamics shifts and aggression that ended in a bloody fight.  Maki’s lower eyelid was

Sadly, their habitat-mate, Cheyenne, died of gastric torsion in late summer of 2006.  This death seemed to leave Kamia and Maki unsettled with each other as well. It might have also been related to health issues that caused the two the have a serious argument that resulted in injuries.  Maki’s lower eyelid was torn and has wept ever since, but thankfully, that was the worst of her injuries.

Kamia, unfortunately, died in early fall of the same year of unexplained neurological symptoms.  Looking back at the symptoms, we believe it may have been Cryptococcus, a fungus found in the dirt.  With a healthy immune system, it can be fought off, but in weakened animals, it can lead to death.

Maki was then placed with Nikki, a young high-content wolf-dog who has proven to be very high maintenance and one of our rescues that we feed in a separate section of his habitat for the safety of staff and volunteers while they clean.  During that time, Maki was able to learn to trust her caretakers and interact with them.

Maki and Nikki formed a very strong and loving bond, and he was very mournful after she passed.  We allowed him to stay with her for a day, but he was still very upset when we removed her body from their habitat.