BIO ~ Lucian was a neutered male mid-content wolf-dog. We rescued him in 2008 when he was 3 years old.  He joined the Big Pack in the Sky on June 29th, 2017.

Lucian had a larger than life personality

PERSONALITY ~ Lucian was a loveable, sometimes grumpy character.  He had a larger-than-life personality, mannerisms, and appetite! Lucian was a ball of energy even in his old age! He was very affectionate towards caretakers but also thought it was fun to play with clothing and jump on them when they were least expecting it.

Lucian and his long-time love, Cove

RELATIONSHIP ~  In his last years, Lucian lived with high-content wolf-dog Nymeria. They were respectful of each other, but certainly not a love match. Lucian’s great love was his previous habitat-mate, Cove, who sadly passed away in 2014.

Lucian loved to splash and lounge in his tub

LIKES ~ Lucian loved splashing and lounging in his water trough.

DISlIKES ~ Lucian disliked when his enrichment walk was over and would sometimes refuse to go back inside.

FUN FACTS ~ Lucian had a very deep voice. He became a popular figure on our Facebook page when we posted videos of our beloved bass singer howling away with the pack. He loved howling so much, he would howl in between bites of his breakfast.

Grumpy Lucian loved affection

LUCIAN’S STORY ~ Lucian became a resident of Wild Spirit in April 2008 when he was three years old. Unlike many of our rescues, Lucian had a good early life and had lived in a loving home. His owner, Greg, had purchased Lucian when he was a few months old from a breeder who claimed the handsome pup was a Native American Indian Dog. The breeder had socialized Lucian well by taking him to a kindergarten class very often to play with the kids. At Greg’s, Lucian also had two female German Shepherd friends, so he got along well with other canines.

When Greg began dating a nice woman named Aymee, the two began to suspect that Lucian was not really a domestic dog. His behaviors and looks inspired some research. As they delved deeper into different types of dogs and wild canines, they became convinced that Lucian was a wolf-dog. Their life in the city with a backyard bordered by neighbors contradicted everything they learned wolf-dogs needed to be happy and safe. They decided that it would be best for Lucian to find a sanctuary before he fully matured and his wild spirit made his life more complicated. After a great deal of thought, and with Lucian’s best interests at heart, Greg and Aymee made the decision to look for a place to care for Lucian. They called Wild Spirit, and after several conversations and photos, we decided to welcome him.

Greg and Aymee brought Lucian out to his new home. They spent some time with him, gave him plenty of love, and finally said their emotional goodbyes to him. We were all thrilled to see that he immediately bonded with an older wolf-dog named Cove. Lucian and Cove grew extremely close in their time together. When Cove passed away in the end of 2014, poor Lucian was left alone. It wasn’t until 2016, when we paired him with Nymeria, that he found companionship again. The match couldn’t compare to his connection with Cove, but he had a friend again, and that’s what mattered most.