BIO ~ Lobo is a male high-content wolf-dog. We rescued him in September of 2018 when he was around 8 months old.

PERSONALITY ~ Lobo is super smart and super sweet.  He has already taken food from his caretaker’s hand.

RELATIONSHIP ~  Lobo lives with rescued low-content wolf-dog, Flicker. The two youngsters seem to really love each other, so we are hopeful they will become a bonded pair.

LIKES ~ Lobo loves our director, Leyton’s, homemade jerky.

DISlIKES ~ Lobo dislikes when large tours pass by but is already getting more comfortable.

FUN FACTS ~ Lobo has very striking yellow eyes. His habitat-mate, Flicker, was very food aggressive with her other companions, but she loves Lobo so much, she is not aggressive with him.

WISH LIST ~ Lobo would love to find more sponsors to call his extended family. We think our sponsorship package makes a thoughtful gift. It comes with a photo magnet of Lobo, a personalized photo certificate and the special offer of our membership t-shirt (or substitute if sold-out) for only $10.


Rescue Would Love To Find More Sponsors!

LOBO’S HISTORY ~ In July of 2018, a woman was surprised to see a wolf-dog wandering around her farm in Arizona. He was not aggressive or frightening in any way.  He began to hang around her farm animals and eventually made friends with her dog. He even walked up to her cat and didn’t show any signs that he would hurt it.

The woman began putting food out for her new guest.  He became so comfortable and trusting over time that she was able to feed him out of her hand. Although he was safe at her farm, the woman was worried that he might venture onto another person’s farm where he wouldn’t be as welcome and might get hurt or killed.  She made the thoughtful decision to get help in finding him a safe and permanent place to live.  Thankfully, the amazing folks of Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team (HARTT) stepped in to help out.  They were able to capture the wolf-dog with a drop net by luring him under the net with food. Learn more about HARTT at the website

After his capture, the wolf-dog was transported to the SW wildlife conservation center where he stayed for almost two months in their empty bear habitat. They began to look for his permanent placement and called W.O.L.F. Their rescue coordinator contacted us to see if we could take him as they were at full capacity.  We needed a companion for our female rescue, Flicker, so we began to make arrangements with SWWC in order to welcome Lobo to WSWS. Their Director was coming to NM for a horse show so we met up with her and our newest rescue, Lobo, in Gallup, NM, which is just an hour away from us.

Like most wolves and wolf-dogs, Lobo is shy.  It is obvious that he is very intelligent and very observant. We have high hopes that he will warm up to his new caretakers quickly. At first, he was nervous around our other rescues in their neighboring habitats. Twenty-four hours later, he was wagging his tail at his new companion, Flicker, and had already made friends with his neighbor Angel. By his third morning, he thought about taking food from his caretaker’s hand! New shy rescues generally take at least weeks before considering taking food out of our hands.

So far, it looks like a love match between Lobo and his new habitat-mate, Flicker. Thankfully, he’s not protective over his food and hasn’t shown any food aggression. In fact, he has walked away from his meal and let Flicker take the rest of it. If he’s not finished with his meal though, he will let her know that he’s not done yet and she’s respectful of that.  She was less respectful with her former companions, Rayne or Bear, so we take this as a good sign. Lobo is still getting used to tours and people walking around during the morning but he is already understanding that once people pass, that he can calm down. He will even lie back down once the tour passes his habitat and moves next door.  We are looking forward to getting to know our handsome boy as he matures and learns to relish the perks of sanctuary life.

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