Beautiful Honey
BIO ~ Honey is a spayed female low-content wolf-dog. We rescued her in February 2017 when she was between 1 and 2 years old.
Pretty rescued wolf-dog Honey
PERSONALITY ~ We still don’t know Honey too well, and she is still extremely fearful of people. She’s not yet comfortable enough for anyone to touch her and she would prefer to be left alone rather than have visitors. We’re not entirely certain how she feels about other animals, but so far she seems to prefer their company to humans.
Low-content wolf-dog Honey
RELATIONSHIP ~  Honey currently lives alone. We’re hoping that in the near future she’ll find a companion in one of our single male rescues. Unfortunately, Honey is quite an escape artist, so whomever she lives with will need some habitat upgrades in order to keep her safely inside her new home.
Honey feels safer standing on her house

LIKES ~ Honey likes sitting on her house and watching everyone come and go from the sanctuary. She also loves toys, but she only plays with them when no one is around to watch!

DISLIKES ~ Honey dislikes groups of people, especially when they get too close to her.

FUN FACTS ~ Adding to her already impressive escape-artist resume, Honey has figured out how to open gates! We’ve found the inner-door to her habitat ajar several times, even though the safety clip is still securely in place. She’s a talented little girl!
Honey in her temporary habitat
WISH LIST ~ Honey would love donations to help us improve a habitat so that she can have a permanent, safe, and secure home at Wild Spirit! Right now Honey lives in a “temporary” habitat, and we need your help getting her into a better space!
HONEY’S HISTORY ~ Little is known about Honey before she came to Wild Spirit. All we know is that she was running loose for roughly 10 months in the New Mexico wilderness, just outside the small town of Las Vegas. When she was finally caught by Animal Control, she was brought to an overcrowded shelter where no animal could hope to be happy, let alone a wolf-dog.

We heard about Honey through a friend of the sanctuary. Our friend, part of the wolf-dog rescue network, desperately wanted to save Honey but she wasn’t sure yet where she could find permanent sanctuary. Leyton agreed to help by going to pull Honey from the shelter and bringing her to Wild Spirit until a permanent home became available. He and Crystal drove to Las Vegas and met the shelter staff who had been caring for Honey. Countless dogs filled the kennels and cages at the shelter, barking and begging for homes. In the midst of it all, poor Honey was terrified. Although she was not social, a few staff members could handle Honey when necessary and with their help, she was loaded into the van and brought to Wild Spirit.

Upon arriving at Wild Spirit, Honey was placed in a temporary habitat complete with a roof. Good thing that roof was there! Within minutes she was looking for an escape route, even hanging from the ceiling by her nails and teeth. Our hearts filled with sympathy and we left her in peace to settle in.

Since Honey’s arrival, it’s become clear to the Wild Spirit staff that the best thing for this poor girl is consistency, gentle care, and a safe, permanent home where she can grow into herself and eventually relax. Although our initial plans were to be a temporary home for Honey, we’ve decided she is with us to stay, because we are confident we can provide the things she needs to live a happy, full life. Although Honey is still nervous and still living alone, we have high hopes that she will pair well with Draco, a rescue who arrived after Honey in 2017. Like Honey, he could also use a friend of his own kind. WSWS staff is working hard to upgrade Draco’s habitat to make it Honey-proof (her history and escape efforts have given us reason to be cautious), and when the space is ready, we’ll give these two lonely hearts a chance to meet.