Enrichment is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle for animals living in captivity. Unfortunately, our rescues don’t get to enjoy the same variety of experiences and activities that animals living in the wild do.  Unless similar stimuli are created and provided, boredom and lack of engagement can be extremely detrimental.

Our caretakers provide entertainment and new experiences in the form of different scents, tastes, toys, and sights. Our more social rescues can go for walks, share play-dates with other rescues, and romp off-leash in our one acre enrichment habitat.  We also give our rescues problems to solve with things to break open to access rewards.

DAILY ENRICHMENT ~ All of our rescues are provided with clean, natural living spaces that include the earth beneath their feet and the open sky overhead. This allows for all the natural enrichment nature provides, like experiencing weather changes, interacting with other wildlife, and building relationships with animals in neighboring habitats. Fence fighting with neighbors, companionship, bones, walks and the change of scenery they provide, tour guests walking by, dehydrated meat treats, water features, and social interaction with caretakers when desired all help our rescues live fuller, healthier lives.
OTHER ENRICHMENT ~ In addition to the habitats our rescues live in, we keep our one acre habitat empty so that rescues make take turns visiting and exploring this larger space. Investigating a habitat that many rescues have explored and marked can be very exciting for many of our rescues who are able to leave their own habitats on a leash. The one acre also provides a neutral territory for rescues to have “play-dates”, meaning they’ll spend time interacting with other rescues they like but don’t want to live with all the time.



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QUARTERLY ENRICHMENT* ~ Four Seasons of Fun! Your vital donation of $35 each quarter helps us provide quarterly gifts that include unique treats and toys, as well as the raw meat our rescues crave and deserve. Our quarterly enrichment treats are different for each season and our rescues enjoy them all! Providing these treats takes a lot of hard work, time, and dedication to make it happen, and your donations help make it possible. On behalf of happy rescues, thank you for your thoughtful support!


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*NOTE ~ Our quarterly enrichment program has always been popular with our sponsors and guests, and our rescues greatly enjoy their treats! As always, our first priority is our rescues comfort and safety.

With that in mind, we’ve decided that it is in the best interest of our rescues to make our quarterly enrichment days at Wild Spirit private.  As

naturally shy animals, we’ve found that our rescues more fully enjoy their treats without a crowd standing by. To ensure they get the full mental and emotional benefits from our enrichment treats, we’re prioritizing their needs over our own wants. In the past, we have offered photo certificates to generous sponsors who have donated to our enrichment program. At this time, due to camera-shy rescues and limited staff, we are finding it increasingly difficult to produce these certificates. Regrettably, we will no longer be able to offer them.

We offer our sincere apologies to those of you who have faithfully donated to our enrichment program and displayed your certificates over the years. Whenever possible, we will continue to photograph and videotape our rescues enjoying their treats so we can share the moment with you. We thank you for your understanding and your commitment to our rescues; we could not be here without your help.