We are extremely sensitive to and support the growing outrage against the abuse of animals for entertainment. Our rescues are never drugged, abused, or forced to interact in any way (except for medical needs).  Each of our educational rescues is asked if they would like to participate in any public activity. We always honor their wishes above the wishes of our guests who wish to meet them.

A very select few of our rescues are wolves with jobs. Our “Educational Rescues” are rare because they are able to safely interact with the public. Meeting one of our rescues in person has such a huge positive impact. It helps us demonstrate the cruelties and dangers of the exotic pet trade, the importance of wolf reintroductions, and the necessity of wild canids on our ecosystem.  We also stress the need for laws and regulations and emphasize the vital role of rescue, sanctuary, and education.

It’s important to stress that these animals are not typical – of all 65+ rescues at WSWS, only these featured below are able to interact with the public, and only with the supervision and security of a highly trained, experienced handler.  

Flurry Ambassador Rescue

Our handsome Flurry is comfortable in most situations. He is unusual because he really enjoys meeting every kind of person. If you’re lucky, he’ll give you a rare kiss.

Dakota Ambassador Rescue

Supermodel Dakota has been the star of many amazing photographs.  He’s a favorite on our Photography Tours. He is very friendly, but his hugs are sometimes too much.

Forest Ambassador Rescue

Friendly Forest loves to meet guests and is generous with his kisses. Van rides make him nauseous, so he leaves the Educational Programs to Flurry.

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