BIO ~ Ally is a spayed female high-content wolf-dog which means she looks and acts like a wolf, but has some dog in her history. She was born in 2009.
PERSONALITY ~ Ally is a vibrant girl and a bit mischievous. She thinks it’s really fun to stalk caretakers in her habitat, just waiting for them to get distracted enough so she can nip them.
RELATIONSHIP ~ Ally has a great relationship with Flurry. At first, they had some spats, but they are great friends now.  Ally is on our tour path, so if you come to visit, you’ll walk past her habitat.
LIKES ~ Ally loves playing with Flurry, sneaking up on her caretakers, and spending hot summer days down in her cool, dark den.

DISLIKES ~ Ally hates when Flurry leaves the enclosure and will physically try to keep him from going. She also really dislikes being filmed when she’s howling – she’ll stop immediately when she sees the camera!

FUN FACTS ~ Ally got to meet “The Dog Whisperer” Cesar Milan on her way to Wild Spirit from Alaska. Cesar and his staff came out to the van to say hello and wrote a nice article in their newsletter about Ally’s story and her new home.
WISH LIST ~ We would love to build Ally & Flurry a cave house and a pond. They have a natural den and dog houses now, but we know they would like another shady place to lounge.
ALLY’S HISTORY ~ Ally was born at a breeding facility in Alaska. The breeder kept his animals in heartbreaking conditions on very short chains. He advertised the puppies as wolves but told people they would be just like dogs because they had a bit of dog mixed with them. Selling and breeding wolves and wolf-dogs is illegal in Alaska, but somehow he was able to continue for years. Thankfully, now he is permanently shut down.

After Ally was sold, her new owner quickly discovered how difficult it is to properly contain wolf-dogs. She easily escaped her yard and was running free. Fish and Game captured Ally and planned to euthanize her, but two passionate women, Karen and Linda, stepped in. They tirelessly fought against breeders in Alaska and tried to help as many animals as possible. Karen and Linda compromised with Fish and Game to let Ally live as long as they could find her a permanent home outside of Alaska. While Ally lived in Linda’s backyard with her two dogs, the women contacted us to see if we could fly to Alaska and bring Ally to Wild Spirit. Due to the desperation of the situation, as well as looking for a new girlfriend for Flurry, we made arrangements to go get her.

Although the flight was long and the trip was grueling, Ally made it safely to Wild Spirit. Thankfully, she and Flurry are a good match!

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