Ramon Castellanos

14232535_10157400214960430_3745918498347931909_nRamon Castellanos has served our sanctuary in a variety of roles, always adjusting himself as necessary to fit whatever is needed by the sanctuary at any given time. At one time, he was our building and maintenance manager. From that role, he stepped into the charge of leading our research and development program, which our sanctuary desperately needed at the time. Once our R&D department was no longer needed, and newer, more important needs have developed, he has stepped into the role of Social Media and Outreach Developer.

In this role, he is developing our social media strategy and content, creating education programs, training volunteers on our tour giving process, and working to improve various forms of our outreach based efforts. In addition to his work in Social Media and Outreach, Ramon also performs many of our educational encounters. So you may meet him if you schedule an encounter with us. He also regularly leads our capture teams and performs a variety of capture-related duties, including keeping our animals and staff safe. His passions are movement therapy, nutrition, and meditation.

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